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Ecommerce Web Design Tips

Just like every business, communication and user interation with the intended target market must be done with a lot of care.

Ecommerce businesses must make sure that all customers and prospects are attracted to the website (both from a web design and SEO standpoint) and can easily perform transactions.

In essence, the more people who are attracted to your ecommerce site, the higher chances there are for transactions to actualize. However, certain things have to be considered of the business is to realize this. Below we highlight a few ecommerce web design tips

Web Page Design

Ensure that your web pages are attractive to your customers and that the web design graphics and styling is relevant to them. In this case, the web design has to show product ranges in a broad and fast way to get the attention of people. It has to provide options to users such as contacts, images, and products reviews, among other informative segments apart from the shopping cart and pay options. This way, you will look more appealing than money-oriented.

Shopping Cart Functionality

The shopping cart has to be easily operated by even the newest users to ensure they can buy whatever they need. Many designers overlook ease of operation when making sophisticated designs. Buyers are likely to flee a complex online shopping cart for one that is easy to operate, even if the former offers better terms. It is thus vital to ensure you know the nature of the product and buying behaviors of the market, to design a shopping cart that works well on the web.

Web Design Clarity

Make sure all buttons are easy to understand and straight-forward for customers to know what to do. For example the "add-to-cart" button work faster than naming the same button "more information". This is an easier guide to users and the response becomes higher. Make sure the buttons are also visible, by using brighter colors and larger digits or letters.

It is also good to add complete information in just a singe button to avoid confusing customers and visitors or wasting their time with so much information. This way, more people are able to get to the end of the transaction without problems and faster. Where information is so much, ensure you guide users by categorizing such information for example services and goods sold in different lists.

SEO Friendly Web Design

The main trick behind ecommerce is the fact that you are dealing with buyers and not computers and search engines. This means that you will have to address customers as the first priority of the business and not just SEO. Make sure all the content is readable and that too much repetition is avoided. Many people bank on high repetition rates for availability levels in search engines to ensure their businesses stay at the helm. The problem with that is that readers get bored with so much repetition and could go away from your site.

Use links and avoid very long HTML codes as this makes the search a boring experience for the buyers. This information on design can be acquired from various online sites, for you to make comparisons and know what the best blend for your business is. Play it smart, stay at the top and still be easy on your customers and visitors at all times for success.

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Best Practices of Ecommerce Web Design

When building an ecommerce website, the process encompasses a wide range skills and contributions. There are the technical components of ecommerce, which include electronic data interchange (or EDI,) inventory management, automated data collection, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, and Internet marketing.

And then there are the more creative and aesthetic components such as ecommerce web design and website development. Every ecommerce website should be geared towards being user friendly and allowing visitors to make purchases as easily as possible.

Web Design for Online Shopping Sites

There are several online selling principles that web designers should consider while designing and developing an ecommerce site. These include:

1) The ecommerce site should be attractive so that it attracts as many people as possible.

2) The site should be organized so that users have an easy time navigating through the site.

3) The colors should fit the spirit of the website.

4) Users should not have a difficult time determining the owner of the website.

5) The website must be trustworthy.

6) Users must enjoy the shopping experience.

7) The site should have an edge over competitors’ sites.

You do not need training to know that these training are important since the same principles are applicable even when shopping in a shopping center, a mall, or any other marketplace. Web designers however, usually have a challenge translating these principles to the virtual Internet world. Web designers need to front websites so that there is high conversion rate. This is comparable to supermarkets that have breads further inside the shop, but where you can smell the freshly baked bread right from the entrance.

Drawing an imaginary path in an ecommerce website, a path that ensures most visitors to the site make a purchase is not rocket science, but a professional is best suited to handle it since experience is valuable. The Web designer must design the ecommerce website in such a way that customers/clients are exposed to most if not all the products. Failure to do this means the customer/client will buy from your competitor’s site.

Ecommerce Web DesignThe layout is an important component of ecommerce web design. The Web design should focus on where the eyes of the user first focus on when they visit a Web page. There has been a lot of research on this, with most of the research indicating that the mid-left side of Web page is what attracts most attention, followed by the center. With this knowledge, Web designers can mimic what supermarkets do by drawing the ‘walking path’.

Lead Driven Website Design

The Web designer should create a site that leads visitors to the right Web page in not more than 2 clicks. Web designers often use techniques that are never used for non-ecommerce sites. One way of doing this is having only one link, the link pointing towards the order form in a sales letter site. Sales letter sites are not conventional ecommerce sites since they usually sell a single product. Web designers are therefore able to exaggerate this one-click principle and to take full advantage from it. As is the case in sales letter sites, details about the products on sale must be presented in an intelligent way. The Web design should be such that the user is prompted to go to the order form page after every few lines of the description. Ensure there are further facts and customer testimonials about the product/s for customers/clients who are not convinced.

Online shops have more products. The more the products, the more complex the website will be. Different personalization technologies are used in more complex ecommerce sites to determine the best products to sell in the sites. All successful ecommerce sites today use these personalization technologies. Amazon.com was the pioneer in the use of personalization technology. The company used the technology to push books to visitors based on past orders and using statistics collected in the past. Today’s goal of personalization technology is to try to also predict what to first offer users on their first visit.

Simple Web Design Navigation

Keep the ecommerce site simple. There should be a clear hierarchy so that the navigation is consistent. Do not provide more information than is needed. Use images for your products. Human beings are visual creatures and as the old adage goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. The images should pop out when highlighted. This ensures that you have as many products on each page as possible. You could have more than one picture for each product preferably from different angles. This helps in the building of trust since visitors will see you have nothing to hide.

Give as much details as possible in your content and in the website's design. Anticipate all questions that buyers are likely to ask. The customer should never be left in doubt since this might push him/her to your competitors’ sites. A lot of attention must be put on the shopping cart page. The page should have such features as the changing of item quantity while shopping, estimation of taxes, and removal of products without starting from scratch. In other words, the shopper should have full control.

Provide answers to all the questions the clients could ask if were in a physical store. Do not let your customers doubt or question certain web design functionality, otherwise they will go to another website. There should be a search tool that works perfectly. There should be pictures in the results generated by the tool. This can be most effective when consulting with a Peoria web design company.

Ensure there are no hidden charges since this will drive away return customers. Give your phone number and real address since some visitors prefer calling while others will only buy once they confirm that you are a genuine store. The URLs should be search-engine friendly and popular searches URLs should be included in the Google sitemap. Give as many payment options as possible.


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