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Digital IP Surveillance Systems for Ecommerce Security

An IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance system is basically a digital video camera that is used for surveillance purposes. Unlike traditional analogue CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras, IP surveillance systems can send and receive data through the Internet and other computer networks, but mostly through standard Ethernet networks.

Digital IP surveillance systems are advantageous in that businesses and corporations can monitor, store and archive audio and video. This is extremely advantageous for large companies who operate on the web, primarily ecommerce stores with many employees.

A digital IP surveillance system is low cost since the IP protocols and the networking equipment adhere to open standards that are readily available. Online-based businesses and corporations also stand to benefit since they can be used with event-driven alarm and alert software. The surveillance system allows you to do monitoring around the clock and it offers ease of scalability and expansion.

How it Works

The data transmitted is compressed, meaning the mass amount of data will not strain the resources of the business or corporation. The fact that the signal is carried over an IP network means you can even do surveillance on the move. All you need is a standard browser and the proper access credentials.

For ecommerce sites, this can help with many internal security issues that may occur in the workplace. Employers can pinpoint weaknesses or questionable areas in which the company can better its processes as well as its staff.

Hurdles Toward Better Security


Surveillance Systems for Ecommerce Security Digital IP surveillance systems, however, pose some challenges. It is important that you understand these possible drawbacks and possible remedies. One problem with the system is that the initial cost per camera is higher than with CCTV. There is however, a solution in that more and more companies are making the cameras and the intense competition is steadily driving down the prices.

As of June 2011, the price per camera was at around $50, meaning the cameras are competing favorably with analogue cameras. You could always go online to get a good price.

Another possible problem is that there is a technical barrier. You could overcome this drawback by training your security staff in the managing and the installation of the cameras. Ensure you go through the user manual carefully.

Another problem is that as is the case with CCTV/DVR systems, the transmission of the video over the public Internet and not a private IP LAN means it is possible for people to hack into the feed and hoaxing is possible. This can be remedied by restricting use to private IP LAN and ensuring comprehensive security system measures are taken when transmitting the video over the Internet.

One such measure is ensuring that the video is transmitted through such encryption and authentication methods as WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES, and TKIP since these are difficult to hack into.


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