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SEO PowerSuite for Ecommerce SEO Companies (Review)

There are a number of different tools available for ecommerce SEO companies. Most of them are software programs that help in the management, tracking, and reporting of ecommerce SEO campaigns.

One tool (or four tools rather) that stands out from the crowd is SEO PowerSuite. As the name implies, the SEO PowerSuite is quite possibly the most powerful arsenal of tools for ecommerce SEO service providers.

SEO PowerSuite for Ecommerce SEO Companies

From off-site link building to on-site content creation, the SEO PowerSuite (which can be found at www.link-assistant.com) delivers the complete SEO package. Each program can be momentous in progressing your ecommerce SEO efforts to the next level. You can buy each of the four program individually or as a complete package.

Let's go into more detail about each program of the SEO PowerSuite.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is by far one of the best programs for generating keyword rank reports. Rank Tracker can tell you the exact placement of your optimized pages on any of the 349 supported search engines, in addition to the exact URL found. This program also tells how many times a keyword is being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and puts it all together in a professional report.

WebSite Auditor

The WebSite Auditor is a solid tool for the on-page SEO work that goes into your eCommerce store. WebSite Auditor is one of the few SEO software platforms that enables users optimize a website on two levels: the domain level (site-wide) and content level (per page). The software will also find aspects of a website that need to be fixed such as HTML code errors, broken links, duplicate content, and more.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for advanced search engine optimization. When it comes to eCommerce SEO, it's all about building links. The SEO SpyGlass will reveal the links of any domain, namely your competitor's. Additionally, SEO SpyGlass will tell you the authority behind each link, include the URL source, the Google PageRank, and more.

Link Assistant

Link Assistant is powerful tool for building quality backlinks to your website. Link Assistant gives SEO's the resources they need to build thematically relevant links from the right sources. Link Assistant can help ensure they your links are quality and natural.

The SEO PowerSuite is a must have for professionals in ecommerce search engine optimization. All of the work that goes into managing SEO campaigns for ecommerce sites can get overwhelming. The ecommerce marketing tools provided by this software platform help take care of it all.

The "Professional" package for the SEO PowerSuite is priced at $249, while the "Enterprise" level package is $599 for a one-time download. Continuous updates are provided as changes take place with major search engine algorithms.


4 Handy Tools for Ecommerce SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your ecommerce website is crucial. However, ecommerce SEO doesn't require an expert or an SEO company to do all of the work.

Handy Tools for Ecommerce SEOThere's several SEO tools available for basic users that can help educate you on how to optimize your ecommerce store. These tools enable just about anyone with some general knowledge about web marketing on how to do your own ecommerce search engine optimization.

Take a look at some of these handy tools for ecommerce SEO below.

SEO Powersuite

The SEO Powersuite is a paid-for software platform that offers an abundance of tools for ecommerce SEO. The suite is composed of four primary programs that each address a specific aspect of search engine optimization. Included in the SEO Powersuite is Rank Tracker (scans and reports keyword search rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing,) Website Auditor (performs an on-site SEO scan and evaluates the overall content of a website,) Link Assistant (seeks link building opportunities and partnerships,) and SEO SpyGlass (scans the backlinks of a domain, offering a wealth of information on link authority, source, and more.)


In addition to offering a deep site filled with enlightening blog posts and a community forum, SEOBook.com offers SEO tools and training programs for varying skill levels. Once you become a member at SEOBook.com, you can get access to a wide spectrum of useful tools. The founder of this website, Aaron Wall, is one of the experts in search engine optimization and has valuable insights from his expertise.


SEOmoz.org is one of the giants when it comes to web-based SEO software. SEOmoz also boasts one of the largest communities of SEO-enthusiasts, as well as a great forum to learn and explore. As part of the SEOmoz software programs, users can take advantage of a wide range of tools to better their search engine optimization. In addition to on-site SEO audits for content optimization, SEOmoz also supports Open Site Explorer, which allows users to see which domains are linking to their websites. Because ecommerce sites are so deep, the tools provided by SEOmoz.org are very powerful for online stores.


This web-based SEO and PPC software benefits a wide range for ecommerce stores pursuing search engine optimization. SEMRush.com is ideal for keyword research and analysis. This hand platform enables users to see the different keywords that your competitors are website optimizing and ranking for. Ecommerce SEO providers use this tool for quick keyword insights and SERP analysis to see who is ranking for which keywords. SEOQuake is another product from SEMrush that enables you to see various SEO parameters once you perform a search on any of the leading search engines. Both of these tools are free and very insightful.

Do you use any specific tools for ecommerce SEO? Let us know in the comments section below!


Top 3 Ecommerce SEO Tools for Search Marketing Service Providers

Ecommerce SEO Services ToolsEcommerce SEO is the new green field for greater yields, but greater rewards can only result from proper and methodical application of the right ecommerce SEO tools. With informed usage of SEO resources and tools, ecommerce can be a smooth ride characterized by impressive insights, unprecedented efficiency and fundamental gains.

These SEO tools also help to inspire prioritization of SEO tasks and pinpointing weaknesses in SEO efforts. So, just what are the most critical ecommerce SEO tools that can boost returns from online stores? Below we share the top three SEO tools for ecommerce SEO service providers.

Link Assistant's SEO PowerSuite

The advanced SEO PowerSuite from Link Assistant comes with 4 critical software programs for optimizing ecommerce SEO by targeting specific SEO sub-sets. The software programs included in this tool are invaluable in on-page and off-page applications and in reporting and analysis of keywords.

The first software program component of the PowerSuite is the SEO SpyGlass. The SpyGlass conducts comprehensive scans through all the backlinks directed at specific domains and generates reports that include Google PageRanks for all the sources, backlinks source data metrics and anchor texts for backlinks, among others.

The second program is the Rank Tracker that enhances keyword reporting process through seamless checks of the keyword rankings of the domain. After running checks, the program compiles clean reports of the results that are invaluable deliverables which can be shared with other people.

The third program is called the Link Assistant. The program reduces the strains involved in SEO link building by indicating relevant links and sites and making linking to partners even easier.

The fourth software program is the Website Auditor, which runs scans in order to evaluate website content and the entire SEO quality of the specific domain. Such audits are invaluable in the detection and removal of broken lines, duplicate content and other content problems that hamper proper ecommerce SEO performance.

Moz' Open Site Explorer

This SEO tool developed by the reputable Moz.org team is web-based emphasis on link data and information related to backlinks of specific domains. The program covers metric-based backlinks sources like the domain authority and link. The program also introduces social networking benefits through social signals gathered from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Open Site Explorer is quite easy to use and has become a highly popular and free tool. With continuous growth of off-page SEO elements, the social signals and data surrounding backlinks become more valuable and in turn accord Open Site Explorer a prominent place.


This is a premier ecommerce SEO services tool for paid search advertising and impressive SEO returns. It simplifies the process of keyword research, analysis and planning and empowers the users to develop effectively sound ecommerce SEO strategies after scrupulous competitive analysis. Users are required to submit the domains of their websites to SEMRush.com in order to view a variety of metrics regarding the keyword and to view the keyword's presence in SERPs.

The metrics include the average search volume per month, overall keyword search trends and the competition rating of the keyword, among other metrics. With the data, ecommerce actions can be planned more accurately. The tool helps paid search advertisers to know the SERP ranking of competitor ads and the keywords that competitors prefer in AdWords. There are paid and free versions of the SEMRush and individuals can choose their preferred option. The tool is valuable for quick ecommerce SEO analysis and should be bookmarked for quick and easy reference.


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