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Peoria Web Design Company Defines SEO-Friendly Websites

More and more web design firms are promoting search engine optimization (SEO) in their arsenal of website marketing services. This trend may be better from a client perspective in that companies do not need to hire both a web design company and a SEO firm. On the other hand, sometimes working with specialized providers who are well adept in their specific niche has its advantages.

The problem with most web design companies that offer SEO is that they do not understand the complete picture of search engine optimization. Sure, anyone can write meta tags, keyword optimized content, and build links to a website. However, the SEO profession has evolved, and techniques that worked yesterday may not hold up tomorrow.

Enter: OIC Group, Inc.

Peoria Web Design Company Logo

Peoria web design company, OIC Group, Inc. (Online Innovative Creations), is shaping the definition of SEO-friendly website design and web development. With over 10 years of experience developing websites, the company has adapted to the changing digital landscape.

Since the break of the millennium and dawning of the SEO age of advertising, OIC Group, Inc. started shifting focus in its unique selling proposition. The company saw an opportunity that stretched far behind building attractive websites. OIC Group, Inc. was on the forefront of product that would cater to both website management and search engine optimization.

Years later, the Exponent CMS (content management system) was born. The experts of OIC Group had developed an intuitive CMS that would enable the most elementary end-users to manage and edit the content of their websites. Taking Exponent one step further, the Peoria web design company created the CMS to be as highly SEO-friendly as possible.

Exponent for Ecommerce SEO & Web Design

Ecommerce websites are faced with greater challenges in today's competitive digital age. Not only must an ecommerce web design be clean, clear, and attractive to users, but SEO for ecommerce sites is entirely different ballpark in search engine marketing. This is where the front-end functionality of Exponent comes into play for online stores.

One of the primary CMS issues with ecommerce SEO is URL. Most content management systems generate static URLs for products (which typically look like www.ecommercesite.com/prodid=?12345). Exponent enables users to write product/keyword optimized URLs for any page that are 'dynamic' and friendly for SEO (such as www.ecommercesite.com/keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.html). This is a major advantage for ecommerce sites that are taking on search engine optimization.

The SEO-friendliness of Exponent CMS

Exponent is a content management system that offers more than just the ability to write custom page titles and meta tags. The highly SEO-friendly CMS has been intricately developed with search engine spiders in mind. The back-end coding structure of Exponent websites offers seamless crawling and indexing. In a nutshell, it's a CMS that search engine spiders can efficiently crawl, and therefore rank a site to its fullest potential.

In addition to offering a well structured back-end for SEO, the web design capabilities of Exponent are virtually limitless. Exponent caters to many design concepts and can meet the needs of all types website owners. From simple blogs to complex ecommerce websites, this SEO-friendly CMS is product that supports a number of website goals and objectives. Furthermore, Exponent is a free, open-source content management system, and is supported by a forum of both users and experienced web developers.

Trusted SEO & Web Design in Peoria, IL

OIC Group, Inc. continues to stay on the leading edge of the SEO profession with its website design capabilities. In light of changes by Google and the constantly evolving search engine results page, the Peoria web design and SEO company has shifted focus toward local SEO and Google Places optimization. Experts of the company are acknowledging the drastic changes set in by Google to improve its search results. Many of these changes center on local search orientation and providing better, more relevant search results with quality website content.

In addition to providing SEO-friendly web design, OIC Group delivers a wealth of expertise for local organic SEO and Google Places optimization. The company employs experienced SEO copywriters, bloggers, link building specialists, and other talents. The company emphasizes ethical, best practices techniques and services both local businesses as well as companies on national scale.

To learn more about OIC Group, Inc. visit the company's website at www.oicgroup.net/.


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