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Why You Need a Security System for Your Ecommerce Store

With the amount of money involved in online transactions, ecommerce has been a target of many hackers whose goal is to exploit the security vulnerabilities of ecommerce websites. This makes ecommerce sites with weak security systems an easy target for a hacker.

The number of people buying and selling goods online has increased immensely over the past few years. With the amount of money involved in online transactions, ecommerce has been a target of many hackers whose goal is to exploit the security vulnerabilities of ecommerce websites. The only tools an expert hacker needs to steal money online are a computer and a working internet connection. This makes ecommerce sites with weak security systems an easy target for a hacker.

Common Security Vulnerabilities

Ecommerce website owners should be aware of the common security flaws of retail websites and shopping carts have. Hacking is becoming more prevalent, and puts unsecure ecommerce sites at risk of losing large sums of money and potential the entire business. It is therefore necessary for ecommerce website owners to ensure that their websites are properly protected from external threats. Hackers mainly exploit the shopping cart features when hacking into an ecommerce website among other security flaws.

The main types of attacks that hackers use are SQL injection, price manipulation, buffer overflow, and remote command execution. Some of the information might seem a bit technical. However you can run these points by your webmaster to ensure you have the right security system in place.

  • SQL injection involves the adding of commands to the SQL query that is sent to the server. This allows the hacker to easily manipulate data in a database by sending queries which are unauthorized, therefore he or she can corrupt the data in your database.
  • Price manipulation involves the changing of prices, resulting in the server program to bill customer inaccurately. Hackers use web proxies to view the prices of items on an ecommerce website, which are typically stored in a hidden field in the HTML file. Without the right security system in place, they can reduce the price to a lower value.
  • When using buffer overflow method, the hacker normally inserts a lot of data into a query from the client side, making the server program unable to process the data. The server program then sends a buffer overflow error, and the error message normally displays the directory structure of your website. This then enables the hacker to easily access valuable folders in a website.
  • Remote command execution is enabled by CGI scripts. This happens when your CGI script allows a hacker to execute commands remotely due to improper input validation on your side. With the remote data execution method, the hacker can steal records and even manipulate data from your database or worse- potentially transfer funds.

Implement the Right Security System

To prevent these vulnerabilities on your website, it is important to always implement a security system from the design stage of your website design. One of the more common security measures that may be implemented is a basic input validation on the client side before data is sent to the server. This is done so as to prevent hackers from adding data which may make the server system display its file structure, or allow the hacker to query the database.

It is also important for the ecommerce website designers to use complex cryptographic techniques and also ensure that their code is secure. Web programmers must also routinely test their ecommerce websites for new vulnerabilities arising on the Internet so as to ensure their websites are secure.

Ecommerce websites should also consider using digital signatures and certificates when exchanging data between the server and the client. The number of ways a hacker can exploit security vulnerabilities on your websites are nearly equivalent to methods you can use to prevent these attacks. Always anticipate any security flaws and fix them by implement the right security systems Peoria IL.


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