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SEO PowerSuite for Ecommerce SEO Companies (Review)

There are a number of different tools available for ecommerce SEO companies. Most of them are software programs that help in the management, tracking, and reporting of ecommerce SEO campaigns.

One tool (or four tools rather) that stands out from the crowd is SEO PowerSuite. As the name implies, the SEO PowerSuite is quite possibly the most powerful arsenal of tools for ecommerce SEO service providers.

SEO PowerSuite for Ecommerce SEO Companies

From off-site link building to on-site content creation, the SEO PowerSuite (which can be found at www.link-assistant.com) delivers the complete SEO package. Each program can be momentous in progressing your ecommerce SEO efforts to the next level. You can buy each of the four program individually or as a complete package.

Let's go into more detail about each program of the SEO PowerSuite.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is by far one of the best programs for generating keyword rank reports. Rank Tracker can tell you the exact placement of your optimized pages on any of the 349 supported search engines, in addition to the exact URL found. This program also tells how many times a keyword is being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and puts it all together in a professional report.

WebSite Auditor

The WebSite Auditor is a solid tool for the on-page SEO work that goes into your eCommerce store. WebSite Auditor is one of the few SEO software platforms that enables users optimize a website on two levels: the domain level (site-wide) and content level (per page). The software will also find aspects of a website that need to be fixed such as HTML code errors, broken links, duplicate content, and more.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for advanced search engine optimization. When it comes to eCommerce SEO, it's all about building links. The SEO SpyGlass will reveal the links of any domain, namely your competitor's. Additionally, SEO SpyGlass will tell you the authority behind each link, include the URL source, the Google PageRank, and more.

Link Assistant

Link Assistant is powerful tool for building quality backlinks to your website. Link Assistant gives SEO's the resources they need to build thematically relevant links from the right sources. Link Assistant can help ensure they your links are quality and natural.

The SEO PowerSuite is a must have for professionals in ecommerce search engine optimization. All of the work that goes into managing SEO campaigns for ecommerce sites can get overwhelming. The ecommerce marketing tools provided by this software platform help take care of it all.

The "Professional" package for the SEO PowerSuite is priced at $249, while the "Enterprise" level package is $599 for a one-time download. Continuous updates are provided as changes take place with major search engine algorithms.


Amazon SEO for Ecommerce: Tips for Top Product Lising Rankings

Amazon SEOSEO for ecommerce is essential for any online store looking to sell products. If you're in online sales (or doing marketing for ecommerce sites,) then you know how important it is to get ranked in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and even YouTube. Given the sheer number of competitors that never stops growing, getting your website ranked in the top results of these search engines can be very hard.

Fortunately, there are other alternative search engines that offer equal potential for SEO and sales. That is Amazon, and it's considered to be the biggest online retailer which makes it one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Therefore, getting ranked in Amazon could benefit you and your business.

In this article, we share strategies for Amazon SEO and getting your ecommerce store's product listings ranked near the top. So, my friend, lets drive right in.

Optimizing Your Product Pages

First, you have to get yourself listed on Amazon. You can do this by publishing one or more products that you sell. You will then be given one webpage per product. To get a high chance of getting one of your product pages ranked high in Amazon, one thing you can do is to work on your product pages one section at a time. Remember, every section of a product page is important. Working on each section one by one ensures that you don’t miss any one of them.

Keyword Rich Title

Most Amazon sellers have the habit of using the name of their products in the title section of their product pages. Well, the name of your product may sound cool and catchy but if product page title doesn’t contain the words that people use to search for items in the search box then your product page will not realize its fullest ecommerce SEO potential.

First, you have to know the keywords that people use when searching for products that are similar to yours. You can do this by typing a few phrases in the search box of Amazon and letting the auto complete feature show you the keywords that correspond to your product industry.

Take note of the keywords that best describe your products. With a little creativity, include one or two of those keywords together with your product name for a catchy and SEO-friendly title.

Have an Optimized Product Description

A description is a must-have for every product page and is a factor for ecommerce SEO success. It lets potential customers know about your product and your company as well as gives you an opportunity to persuade readers to actually make a purchase.

Product descriptions are also used by Amazon’s search engine in finding products. Therefore, it is important to write descriptions that are not only well-detailed but also keyword rich. Including keywords in your descriptions can further increase your rankings in your chosen product keyword.

Another benefit to using keyword rich descriptions in your products is that it contributes to increasing your visibility on sites outside Amazon since your product pages are crawled like regular web pages by other search engines.

Don’t Forget About Customer Product Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to not only attract more buying customers; they are also a great way to effortlessly add more keywords to your product page to rank for. Just make sure that majority of the reviews that you get from your customers are positive or no one will buy any of your products.

Having great customer reviews on your product page will require you to actually have a great product and service that the customers will love. To start getting reviews, simply ask customers who are happy with your product to leave a review on your Amazon page.

You can also add a review button on your site that automatically posts reviews on your Amazon product to make it easy for customers to publish their reviews. Keep in mind, that fake reviews are prohibited. Posting fake reviews are against Amazon policies and doing so will get you banned. And don't think that an ecommerce SEO company is the solution to generate false reviews. It's organic process that must be done naturally.

Polishing Your Page

Just like when publishing web pages, make sure that all information about your product is in the page. After filling up the form, do one or two rounds of proof reading to make sure that everything is written perfectly. To get the most out of optimizing your Amazon, you should consider doing some off-page SEO. This will help bring in more customers and more profit.

For online businesses who either want to increase their profit or simply turn their declining earnings the other way around, getting ranked high in big search engines such as Google, YouTube, and others. However, the number of competitors getting ranked makes it impossible to do this.

Fortunately, Amazon provides an alternative way to get traffic for your business. Use the Amazon SEO tips for ecommerce sites above along with your creativity to get your product pages ranked high and ultimately make profit in Amazon.


SEO Companies That Integrate Customer Support Can Provide Greater Value

SEO and Customer SupportProfessional business analysts are starting to realize the importance and value of having customer support integrated with marketing and SEO. Outside the realm of traditional business infrastructure, early adopters of this integration are considering it as one of the best strategies to promote fluid production and overall value of the SEO services.

In a nutshell, these two departments can get together and reason-out the marketing initiatives that are the most recent, as well as solve any problems that they might be facing. The customer support team can greatly promote the entire marketing strategy and the SEO plan. If an open communication is kept between these two departments, then there would be a result of more clients, better links and content.

Here are the areas that creative SEO companies would benefit when integrating the customer support department and the marketing and SEO department.

1. Content Ideas And Needs

Suppose a client visits our site, and does not find the right content that they need, then they would end up not buying the product on sale. Nevertheless, if there is a customer support service integrated, the client would easily find whatever they are looking for.

For instance, the customer support team would ask the visitor about how they might be helped. Generally, they will help to ask any question that is posted. Some of the customer support content that can help include the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Videos
  • Tool Tips
  • White Papers

Also, creating persuasive testimonies, product reviews or case studies can also help supplement the overall SEO strategy.

2. SEO Keyword Insights

The customer support can help you to know what is the view of the existing and potential customers towards your service or product. You will get to know what expressions they are using to describe a feature of your product. You will also understand if any wording on the website is not clear. And you can also know how they are describing your product.

For ecommerce SEO, this can be a vital guide to determining optimal keywords to traget. Because keyword selection is so important in a competitive playing field like ecommerce SEO, having the marketing department get insights from the custom services team is valuable. For instance, the customer support team of a creative ecommerce SEO firm can inquire to the client about long-tail keywords that are most applicable to their business.

3. Building Quality Links

This is one of the best results and outcome of customer service. Customers play a huge role when using the links. Generally, if a customer is happy with the services and satisfied with the content on your website, then they would recommend it to several friends about it. On the other hand, an unhappy customer would tell as many people as they can about their dissatisfaction.

The customer support will boost the SEO ranking of the website. This would be done via link building, whereby the customer would share the link on their social media account. When their friends see the link, they would click on it and this would follow the same as the friends share on their wall. The SEO company should come up with ways of increasing the customer experience. This will help to lift off the weight from the hands of the customer support. Inasmuch as the customer support is effective, it cannot fully drive the links.

The customer support team is supposedly the most valuable factor that needs to be highly considered. When customer support is integrated with the marketing team, it becomes easier to reach the customer. In addition, the two departments will help to improve the customer experience, and as a result, they will increase the search engine ranking of the site. This is one of the biggest desire of the companies.


Top 5 Ecommerce SEO Companies in Review

Review Ecommerce SEORetailers with an ecommerce store often know first hand how complicated SEO can be. The constant algorithm changes are making ranking an ecommerce site more difficult for many website owners, and for those who have an ecommerce store it is even more difficult.

Ecommerce SEO, because of its difficulty and complexity, requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to be done in the right way. A sound solution for many ecommerce businesses is to hire an ecommerce SEO company, preferably one that's most aligned with the business' goals and budget. Below we review the top five SEO companies for ecommerce SEO services.

1. Click Centric SEO

Click Centric SEO is a full-service ecommerce SEO company. Click Centric SEO creates custom ecommerce SEO campaigns specifically designed for ecommerce websites all of sizes. Their individual approach is different from many other ecommerce SEO companies who offer campaigns that are template based.

In addition to professional ecommerce SEO services, Click Centric SEO offers professional help in PPC advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web development and web design. If you want to know more, you can request a free SEO audit after which Click Centric SEO will review your website's content, backlink profile, keyword usage, authority of the site and more.

2. Blue Acorn

Blue Acorn runs SEO campaigns for both small and large Ecommerce businesses. If you decide to cooperate with Blue Acorn an entire team of SEO experts will stand behind you and work on your campaign.

There are three types of ecommerce SEO services offered, divided into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 which includes the following: SEO audit, keyword analysis, competition analysis, on-page analysis, analytics analysis, strategy execution, monitoring and tracking, ongoing SEO adjustments, monthly analysis and reports, content creation and online PR campaigns. Blue Acorn is also offering help with PPC campaigns, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media campaigns and more.

3. GU (Gray Umbrella) Marketing

GU Marketing is a specialized ecommerce marketing and SEO company. Their ecommerce SEO service package involves a 4-step process:

  • Evaluation - includes on page optimization, rewriting content, creating new content and establishing weak points
  • Implementation - industry research, creating and sharing content in the industry, paid media
  • Analysis - building domain authority, ranking the site, getting traffic and analyzing the overall SEO campaign
  • Continued evaluation - optimizing the website for more sales

For more information about this ecommerce SEO company, click here

4. Volusion

Volusion's ecommerce SEO services include on-page and off-page SEO optimization. They are claiming that the customers using their service for at least 12 months have a 202% increase in revenue on average from organic traffic.

There are three SEO packages: Starter SEO, Advanced SEO and Custom SEO. There are also two SEO Audit packages, Starter SEO Audit and Advanced SEO Audit. Volusion also offers a 14-day free trial. You can learn more by visiting Volusion.com

5. Higher Visibility

Higher Visibility's ecommerce SEO services are based on on-page optimization, researching competition and link building. There are three steps in their SEO campaigns:

1. Store optimization, including: website structure optimization, in-market keyword targeting and optimization of various different platforms

2. Off page optimization, including: link building, content marketing and social media marketing

3. Reports, including: link building reports, keyword reports and integrated analytics

To find out more about what makes Higher Visibility a top-rated ecommerce SEO firm, click here.


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