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7 Organic SEO Resources for Ecommerce Websites

 7 Organic SEO Resources for Ecommerce Sites - http://bit.ly/QnydXd #EcommerceSEO #SEOresourcesOrganic search engine optimization (SEO) for your ecommerce website is essential to be found in Google and other search engines. However, you do not need a professional SEO expert or website optimization company to do this work for you.

There are a number of organic SEO tools that can help do your own keyword optimization and website promotion. For small to medium sized companies with limited website budgets, these tools can help your website thrive without having to spend top dollar for organic SEO services.

Below we share with you seven SEO resources for ecommerce websites.

1. Scribe

Content is and will continue to be the king of organic SEO. Scribe is simple SEO software program from Brian Clark who is the originator of Copyblogger. The program offers three step plan to help you build and optimized a successful website for SEO.

Scribe will enlighten you on the language and semantics that Internet users use, which is helpful knowledge to consider before creating and optimizing your ecommerce website's content. Once you have content for your website, Scribe can proceed to analyze the content of your website trying to ensure that it is reader focused. You will then learn ways in which you should tweak your content to ensure that it gets high page rankings in search engines. Lastly, Scribe will teach you how to build backlinks to your website (for off-page SEO authority) as well as teach you how to cross-link content and pages of your website (on-page SEO authority.) To start using Scribe, you'll need to pay a $17 monthly fee (which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.)

2. SEOmoz

SEOmoz is one of the biggest players in the organic SEO profession when it comes to ecommerce SEO software. SEOmoz supports a huge community of Internet users as well as a blog. SEOmoz provides the SEO-interested with an array of free SEO tools which they can use to for website optimization and link building.

In addition to this, there are also paid plans that users could opt for if they would like to take advantage of more tools. The Open Site explorer allows website owners to see which domains have been linking to their websites. If you use Google Chrome or Firefox you can get the MOZbar for free which is an add-on that will enable you to view page level details.

3. Majestic SEO

When it comes to link indices, Majestic SEO is the largest one available. Users can test it out whenever they want by simply keying in a web address into their home page. However, if you would like to take advantage of the tools and services that it offers, you should subscribe to it at $49.99 monthly fee.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is not only ideal for ecommerce SEO, but also Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers. This free, web-based software tool enables you to see the different keywords that your competitors are making use of on their site (SEO), as well as what keywords competitors are bidding on (via PPC advertising.) With this software, you are better placed at establishing what would be the most ideal content for your website that would attract web traffic. SEOQuake is another product from SEMrush that enables you to see different SEO parameters once you perform a search on any of the leading search engines.

5. SEO Book

In essence, the knowledge provided by SEO Book is based on a training program which helps to make ecommerce search engine optimization easy for basic end-users. Once you become a member, you get a host of useful tools. The founder of this website, Aaron Wall, is one of the experts in search engine optimization and has valuable insights from his expertise. In addition to this, Aaron Wall has written a host of eBooks which have sold over a million in volume. By becoming a member of SEO Book.com, you get a chance to interact with Aaron and his team of experts.

6. Raven

Raven offers Internet marketing tools to SEO's and website optimization specialists looking to improve on their organic SEO as well as social media marketing. The optimization company is not only good at what it does, but it does so in a fun and light manner. Using this service is convenient for beginners as they are not bombarded with SEO jargon rather it helps them figure out what keywords would be best suited for their website as well as greatly reduce their research time. You can earn some really good SEO tips for ecommerce sites based on the free thirty day trial. If you would like to still get access to the services you can then pay $99 a month.


As the name suggests, DIY SEO" is do-it-yourself SEO program that's education-based. The monthly plan for doing this on your own is $33.25. However, if you would like the software provider to handle some tasks on your behalf, you are required to pay a monthly rate of $149. One thing to note with this software though is that your personal contact information will be needed before you can get access to it.


Top Ecommerce SEO Resources for More Traffic & Sales

Ecommerce SEO ResourcesWith ecommerce SEO getting more demanding and competitiv, it is imperative for online retailers and business owners to stay on top of their game. Ensuring that the investment put in ecommerce SEO not only provides traffic, but sales conversions, is what it's all about.

If your ecommerce SEO efforts are lagging behind, here are several powerful resources to help you learn and improve your ecommerce SEO craft.

Bring Some Oomph to Your Product Pages

There are valuable tips, strategies, and foundational practice that many ecommerce SEO and CRO professionals have used over the years to turn boring product pages into new, conversion worthy product selling machines.

The Resource: Moz

This usually involves better use of text and description, the use of multiple images, having comparisons between competing products and using lots of user generated content such as ratings and comments. For more information on the same, visit this resource and get to learn the success tricks involved by true experts of the SEO craft.

Post-Ecommerce Site Launch

After launching an ecommerce site, what next? Learn the top 15 free things all ecommerce sites should undertake after launching an ecommerce site.

The Resource: Search Engine Journal

These checklist items can either act as a good reminder if you missed out on doing these things after launching, or can act as a good guide for those businesses just starting out.

It generally involves doing things such as creating a sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, setting up well organized and optimized feeds, submitting to the open directory project (DMOZ) and other free niche directories, signing up for Google Analytics, webmaster tools and webmaster central and starting a free blog or using press releases amongst many other things. This is a real hit list.

Appreciate the Importance of Link Building

Learning and appreciating the importance of link building to an ecommerce site is critical. This is among the best ecommerce resources available on the web.

The Resource: Gel Elastic

Even though there is some consensus on the impact of social link building, it is important to get some back links to help your ecommerce websites search rankings. This can be achieved through various methods such as Blog Baiting, going for the low hanging link fruits, and scoping the back links of competitors the old fashioned way. This link building guide for ecommerce SEO is a real treasure trove.

Handle Duplicate Content Concerns Regarding Mobile SEO

Understanding the inherent problems associated with duplicate content has been quite problematic to say the least. To fully understand all the underlying issues that make the presence of duplicate content issues in mobile SEO different from content issues in traditional ecommerce SEO, it is important to go through the resource material available at this site.

The Resource: Search Engine Land

It discusses issues such as the issue of Carrier pages, indexed legacy transcoder duplicates and App Interstitials amongst a variety of items in great detail.

Build Relationships (Not Just Links)

Many ecommerce SEO campaigns have faltered because either the marketers or the business owners did not appreciate that the need to build a relationship with clients, rather than links was very important or appreciated the need but were unable to implement it accordingly.

The Resource: Practical Ecommerce

This great resource goes ahead to state that even though implementing the process of relationship building in ecommerce is quite difficult; it is important to seek out others with similar problems, issues or passions and answer their questions, compliment their views and ask for their opinions and even re-tweet or like their updates. It is bound to be an eye opener.

Learn How Multi-Nationals Succeed with Global Ecommerce SEO

With the internet having leveled the playing field to a global extent, it should be noted that competition is getting stiffer as both multinationals and new start-ups have to fight for the same customers. It is thus important to fully understand the strategies that multinationals employ so as to succeed in such varying and different markets as ecommerce SEO has been known to either flourish or die on the conversion rate.

The Resource: Search Engine Watch

The need to design and build ecommerce sites that succeed in foreign territories, tips on how to avoid Google penalties on translation and ensuring that your site or business gets paid for services rendered or goods delivered are discussed in detail at this fine resource. It gives keen business owners an enviable toolkit which if used properly can propel their ecommerce sites to greater heights.


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