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Facebook to Come-Up with Mobile E-Commerce Platform

Facebook EcommerceOne of the leading and most popular social networking sites, Facebook is considered as a best source of power for advertising and effective goods. Today, more than 500 million people are using the service of Facebook to stay connected and share huge information with their friends and near & dear ones. Recently, latest news come-up in the market that Facebook’s mobile app install ads can be used to create e-commerce on Facebook.

Turning the Facebook social network into a mobile shopping as well as sales device, Facebook is building en effective mobile e-commerce platform. ‘Mobile App install ads’ has been launched in the last October, and it did not much popularity in the market as the company exposed various new ad products in the year 2012. According to users, there are many ad products that are quite similar with each other.

The launched mobile app install ads is especially for mobile game and application developers, and now users are no more interested in apps and games for Facebook. Users are looking for something new and unique like mobile e-commerce platform. However, there are various big advertising clients of Facebook, who used ads in Q4 and they indicate that the ads can be used to create e-commerce on Facebook. And it is one of the biggest news for mobile users as the ad unit enables mobile-phone users to download the application of client from Google Play or any other app store.

A CEO of Spruce Media, ‘Lucy Jacobs’ told “the performance is right in the strike zone to be ROI positive." E-commerce app downloads are much more valuable to advertisers than mere impressions because someone with an app is likely to use it repeatedly over time.” So each installed application generates lifetime revenue, so users can easily generate lifetime revenue until the user abandons it.

According to CEO of Fab.com, Jason Goldberg, whose company tested the ad unit with Fab's shopping app, said “It was five times more effective than any other mobile download channel they used.” Among all the Facebook Advertisers, Fab is one of the biggest advertisers of Facebook.

When it comes to talk about Hotel Tonight, an application that makes last-minute hotel books and saw a 10 times higher click-to-install rate from the new install app ads than regular Facebook ads. As per Adam Grenier, Hotel Tonight’s director of mobile marketing, “I feel like a kid in a candy store with all these choices. It performs better from a click-to-install perspective than anything except incentivized ads. From an efficiency standpoint, it’s on par with everybody else out there today.”

The Hotel Tonight used the ad unit along with a Facebook offers as Facebook has introduced lots of e-commerce plays like deals, offers and Gifts, and it did not experienced much grip with users.

Well, the company now going to introduce mobile e-commerce platform for advertisers to increase revenue of their business, but what you think will Facebook studs its legs in e-commerce market or not? Will company gets success this time?

Author Bio: Hello readers! Myself Brianna Wills working in Perception System as a web content writer. It is one of the leading e-commerce development company, offering e-commerce solutions for different business criteria. To get more information about Perception System, drop an email at: info@perceptionsystem.com


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