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Top Ecommerce SEO Resources for More Traffic & Sales

Ecommerce SEO ResourcesWith ecommerce SEO getting more demanding and competitiv, it is imperative for online retailers and business owners to stay on top of their game. Ensuring that the investment put in ecommerce SEO not only provides traffic, but sales conversions, is what it's all about.

If your ecommerce SEO efforts are lagging behind, here are several powerful resources to help you learn and improve your ecommerce SEO craft.

Bring Some Oomph to Your Product Pages

There are valuable tips, strategies, and foundational practice that many ecommerce SEO and CRO professionals have used over the years to turn boring product pages into new, conversion worthy product selling machines.

The Resource: Moz

This usually involves better use of text and description, the use of multiple images, having comparisons between competing products and using lots of user generated content such as ratings and comments. For more information on the same, visit this resource and get to learn the success tricks involved by true experts of the SEO craft.

Post-Ecommerce Site Launch

After launching an ecommerce site, what next? Learn the top 15 free things all ecommerce sites should undertake after launching an ecommerce site.

The Resource: Search Engine Journal

These checklist items can either act as a good reminder if you missed out on doing these things after launching, or can act as a good guide for those businesses just starting out.

It generally involves doing things such as creating a sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, setting up well organized and optimized feeds, submitting to the open directory project (DMOZ) and other free niche directories, signing up for Google Analytics, webmaster tools and webmaster central and starting a free blog or using press releases amongst many other things. This is a real hit list.

Appreciate the Importance of Link Building

Learning and appreciating the importance of link building to an ecommerce site is critical. This is among the best ecommerce resources available on the web.

The Resource: Gel Elastic

Even though there is some consensus on the impact of social link building, it is important to get some back links to help your ecommerce websites search rankings. This can be achieved through various methods such as Blog Baiting, going for the low hanging link fruits, and scoping the back links of competitors the old fashioned way. This link building guide for ecommerce SEO is a real treasure trove.

Handle Duplicate Content Concerns Regarding Mobile SEO

Understanding the inherent problems associated with duplicate content has been quite problematic to say the least. To fully understand all the underlying issues that make the presence of duplicate content issues in mobile SEO different from content issues in traditional ecommerce SEO, it is important to go through the resource material available at this site.

The Resource: Search Engine Land

It discusses issues such as the issue of Carrier pages, indexed legacy transcoder duplicates and App Interstitials amongst a variety of items in great detail.

Build Relationships (Not Just Links)

Many ecommerce SEO campaigns have faltered because either the marketers or the business owners did not appreciate that the need to build a relationship with clients, rather than links was very important or appreciated the need but were unable to implement it accordingly.

The Resource: Practical Ecommerce

This great resource goes ahead to state that even though implementing the process of relationship building in ecommerce is quite difficult; it is important to seek out others with similar problems, issues or passions and answer their questions, compliment their views and ask for their opinions and even re-tweet or like their updates. It is bound to be an eye opener.

Learn How Multi-Nationals Succeed with Global Ecommerce SEO

With the internet having leveled the playing field to a global extent, it should be noted that competition is getting stiffer as both multinationals and new start-ups have to fight for the same customers. It is thus important to fully understand the strategies that multinationals employ so as to succeed in such varying and different markets as ecommerce SEO has been known to either flourish or die on the conversion rate.

The Resource: Search Engine Watch

The need to design and build ecommerce sites that succeed in foreign territories, tips on how to avoid Google penalties on translation and ensuring that your site or business gets paid for services rendered or goods delivered are discussed in detail at this fine resource. It gives keen business owners an enviable toolkit which if used properly can propel their ecommerce sites to greater heights.


6 Tips to Craft a Mobile Website Optimization Plan

With Google's new mobile search algorithms, and continual changes in the world of SEO, businesses have to create a great mobile website optimization plan in order to stay ahead of the curve. A mobile website is pivotal to online success today; without a mobile site, you might as well give up on online marketing and SEO altogether.

Google Mobile

Since most people visiting your site today are on some kind of mobile device, you have to develop a site that is user friendly, scalable, navigable, and one which will work on nearly any mobile platform which site visitors are visiting your site from. These are some factors to consider in developing the mobile website optimization strategy.

1. Understand Google's Preferences

One of the biggest changes made to Google's mobile search algorithm is giving higher ranking preference to sites with mobile sites. Not only user friendly mobile sites, but navigable, good looking mobile sites, on all mobile platforms. Understanding this change, along with all other factors Google looks at (which include: blogs, back links, SEO keyword terms, references, dynamic HTML, responsive site, etc), will help you outrank competitors in your field.

It is imperative to know what Google looks for, in order to make the right changes. At the present time, it is catering to a mobile audience, developing a navigable site, and creating mobile content users can easily access from anywhere.

2. Responsive design

Given Google's latest affinity with mobile design, responsive site design is critical in your mobile website optimization strategy. Using separate CSS files triggered at mobile devices is key to this responsive design.

A website design theme with responsive option built ins should be purchased and coordinating with a web developer, to create a smooth transition from your desktop site to your mobile site, will also help in creating a more responsive site. The faster the pages load, the higher your site will rank.

3. Know your limits

Part of creating a responsive design is understanding the limits in mobile design. Some of these include:

  • Scrolling (mobile users hate scrolling).
  • Timely information should be prominent.
  • Percentage rather than pixel basis for images.
  • Allowing mobile users to access desktop site.

This, and other limits which you have with mobile site development should be considered. Not only will it help make your mobile site faster, but it will also look better, and is easier for site visitors to navigate through.

4. Cater to mobile SEO

On this front, mobile SEO needs don't greatly differ from desktop needs. So, remember, you need proper page titles, spacing, meta descriptions, and headline tags, to help rank your site. One big thing to keep in mind is mobile keywords will vary, so it is important to keep this in mind as you are developing a mobile SEO strategy for your pages rank.

5. Troubleshoot

Using Google's mobile-friendly testing tool, online optimization matrices, and other online optimization strategies and tools is imperative in testing your site and mobile speeds. You have to test the site speed, load speeds, site layout, and navigability. Where issues are found, the right mobile optimization tools will allow you to fix site inconsistencies, make changes, and address issues visitors are having on different mobile devices. The more navigable and easy to use on all mobile platforms, the better your mobile visibility. Using the troubleshooting tools will allow you to fix, edit, modify, and otherwise make changes to the site as necessary.

6. Continually improve

Google just updated their algorithm, which will affect your rank via Google search on mobile devices. However, this, and other search engines are continually updating their algorithms. As a business owner, you have to continually improve your site, improve mobile navigability, and find ways to make your site more user friendly on mobile devices. Doing so not only guarantees a higher rank, but also more site visits by your consumer and target audience.

There is no right or wrong way to develop a mobile site. However, having a mobile website optimization plan, with viable goals, and matrices in place will help you develop a site which will outrank competitors in Google. Keeping these factors and tips in mind, and using the right tools, will not only help you develop a navigable responsive site, but also one visitors truly love. Further, it will help you move up in ranks, for your business to truly shine in Google mobile search rankings today.


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