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5 Pinterest Tips for Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Pinterest EcommercePinterest is a social media site that consists of images organized in a bullet board layout. It is one of largest and most popular social media sites, and now, over 60% of major brands today have a Pinterest account. This is because these businesses understand how much Pinterest can increase their sales potential.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook which rely on followers and friends, Pinterest makes use of people interested in a given topic. This approach offers a better ecommerce marketing strategy than relying on the concept of relationships (like twitter and Facebook). There are many reports indicating that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The reports further indicate that one in five users of Pinterest buy an item when they visit a website. After setting up a business account on Pinterest, here is how you too can utilize Pinterest in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

1. Make use of the rich pins (product pins)

The rich pins give you the ability to highlight the details of your products such as pricing and where to buy. The rich pins will make your product get a higher click through rate than when you simply use the regular pins. If you don't know how you can use the product pins, you can seek the help of a web developer.

2. Include your url when creating your pin description

Most people usually don't click on the pin. In addition, it takes two clicks to visit the source of the image. Therefore adding your url t the description is more likely to drive more traffic to your site than relying on people to click on the pin twice. This because it only takes one click on the url to have someone visit your site. You can add something like 'click here to buy' or get more information here, in order to make your links more click centric for ecommerce marketing.

3. Add a "Pin It" button to all your product pages

Make sure that every product page on your ecommerce site has a Pin It button. The pins automatically link back to the source. The more the number of pins, the more you increase the chance of people pining the products you are selling. With more pins, more sales will definitely roll in.

4. Make use of keywords

Pinterest is usually indexed by the search engines. Therefore it is necessary to use relevant keywords to make your pin come up on when people search for things using keywords that are related to your products. Use keywords in the image file name, when naming your boards and when creating descriptions for your products. You can also make use of hashtags to help people find your pins.

5. Use Pinterest analytics

This will not only help you with Pinterest but will as well help you when formulating other ecommerce marketing strategies. Pinterest analytics will help you determine the pins which are getting the most repins, who is seeing your pins, who is pinning your pins, the boards which your pins are featured, the number of people pinning from your website and how people describe your pins.

Pinterest is a very important ecommerce marketing strategy. Make use of it to increase the number of people visiting your ecommerce site tremendously.


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