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SOPA Will Muck Up More Than Clean Up

There is too much to loose and not enough to gain with the enactment of SOPA and PIPA. Everything has gone online, and at a global scale. The enactment of SOPA will further complicate the global storefronts of ecommerce, and may foreshadow a destination of doom for Internet-based businesses.

One of the simplest ways that SOPA will affect ecommerce and SEO is its strict adherence to intellectual property. This will require a user to verify all the information that he or she posts, including all of the sources that one may have used to generate such content. This means that even if one does not violate SOPA but one of the sources does, the websites risks getting blocked and facing litigation.

For online companies that rely on information from various sources, the process of verifying all the information and its sources will be an extremely time consuming endeavor (and a waste of resources.)

Furthermore, SOPA and PIPA may instill fear amongst people in linking information to different websites, and thus greatly affecting SEO.

SOPA's Influence on Search

Google is apparently the greatest search engine on the Web, and since it will be affected by the law it will not be easy for Google to carry out the same indexing process. This follows the fact that Google will have to verify all the information and its sources to ensure that the search engine complies with SOPA. A hold-up in the Google indexing process can lead to a great hindrance of development on the Web.

Time is of the essence, and with extreme protection measures set in by SOPA and PIPA, there will not be enough time to carry out Google indexing if thousands, if not millions, of verifications have to be made. In turn, this will profoundly influence ecommerce and quite possibly make it a lesser popular form of business.

Legal Implications of SOPA & PIPA

According to the law, a website that is suspected to have violated SOPA will be blocked within 48 hours of the violation, and it will remain so until litigation process is completed. Unfortunately, there are times when competitors could use this to their own advantage, creating loopholes to exploit unrighteous business practices.

As has been implied with the enactment of these bills, Visa, PayPal and other online money transfer companies are required to suspend payments on sites that are suspected to infringe the SOPA. As a result, these companies could incur losses due to the delays brought about by the suspension.

This means that SOPA invades the peaceful coexistence of ecommerce companies, including money transfer organs. If the websites that support online trading are blocked as a result of SOPA, it can mean that the online money transfer organs also feel the wrath.

Indirect Hits To Be Taken

The effects of SOPA may not come directly to the companies involved in handling copyrighted materials, but it there is bound to be a drop in the ecommerce due to the fear that the bill gives to the people. For instance, it is notable that if one made a comment or product review, and plagiarized sensitive, copyrighted material on your website, you may be held responsible for the user's negligence.

The overwhelming agreement is that SOPA and PIPA may risk a channel for conducting business that our global economy relies so heavily upon. Keep your fingers crossed that these bills will be passed down, and the regular order of ecommerce with continue to thrive.


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