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Guest Blogging How to Become a Guest Blogger

For SEO's and Internet marketers, guest blogging can offer a highly efficient solution to gain exposure on the web. Guest blogging provides an opportunity to promote products and services on well-respected publishing platforms as well as generate high authority link popularity to optimized webpages.

This is solid, two-fold strategy that can help just about any business. Writing content for other blogs can further enhance a brand's visibility as well as SEO efforts by way of link building.

In this post, we will underscore the essence of guest blogging and you can become a guest blogger.

The Basics of Guest Blogging

How to Become a Guest Blogger for SEO

In simple terms, a guest blogger will submit content that will be published on another blog that doesn't belong to the guest blogger or the company that he or she is blogging for. This one reason why guest blogging requires a bit of research and inquiry.

One must pinpoint the ideal blogs that suit both the brand and the company's Internet marketing objectives, and inquire to the blog owner or webmaster whether or not they would accept a guest blog post. As a result, a relationship is formed, and certain factors are laid out, such as:

  • What is the theme or topic of the guest blog post?
  • How many outbound links can be in the blog post?
  • What is the nature of those outbound links?

How do I Become a Guest Blogger?

If you're interested in becoming a guest blogger, the process is pretty straightforward. In fact, many blogs are actually actively looking for contributing content, so look for links or calls-to-action on certain blogs that say something like 'interested in contributing content?' or 'become a guest blogger.'

If you do not see any links of the sort, it is best contact that blog owner or webmaster directly. Be concise, honest, and respectful in how you inquire. Simply state who you are, what it is you can offer, and what you're interested in as a result. An interested blog owner will often request writing samples, so be prepared to show some of your best work.

Additionally, be prepared to work-out a plan that outlines some of the questions mentioned above. If it is SEO link building that you really want from your guest blogging efforts, let them know that you specifically need a backlink with specific anchor text. Remember, content is king, and if you are providing the content, you have more control over the deal.

Pinpointing the Right Blogs

Determining the best blogs to write for depends on your end-goals. If it SEO and website optimization that you are interested in, then choose higher authority blogs (that have a high Google PageRanks) that have some relation to you content's focus. Typically high authority business blogs are more popular and get a lot more readers, so the quality of your content must be up-to-par.

If it brand promotion that you are interested in, then seek blogs that have a niche focus that is closely aligned with your brand. Consider the targeted reader for each blog and think about whether or not he or she is someone that would find interest your guest blog post. Some external blogs for businesses are highly flexible in the types of content they can publish, so be sure to be selective. Typically the more niche, the better.

Guest blogging can be highly impactful in many ways. Whether for small business SEO and Internet marketing or online branding and product promotion, the opportunities are abundant. Inquiring to the right blogs with the right approach is the momentous first step to get the ball rolling.

Blog on.


Advantages of Guest Blogging for SEO

Guess Blogging for SEOThe advantages of guest blogging for SEO are plentiful. Although many SEO's believe the advantages of guest blogging lie solely in the practice of building links, being a guest blogger can contribute to much more.

Guest blogging provides great opportunities for all types of marketers to expand the exposure of their content and reach new audiences. So in addition to building links for SEO, the advantages of guest blogging are also in the form of brand building and inbounding direct traffic to your website or social media pages.

Universal Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging offer three universal benefits, beyond SEO. These focus on the:

* opportunities to broaden the reach and exposure of your content and overall web presence. This can be advantageous for both inbound marketing and building your online brand

* potential to develop new connections and valuable relationships. Guest blogging can open the doors to be a part of a strong community of bloggers and content marketers

* ability to generate link popularity from blogs that are both relevant and authoritative (the SEO value in guest blogging)

Exploring Opportunities in Guest Blogging for SEO

Below are a few of the most powerful resources to help you explore relevant publishing platforms and guest blogging opportunities for SEO

* Social Media Networks - Take advantage of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to find blog posts being shared around by credible and relevant sources. Once you find some potential guest blogging prospects, reach out and inquire to blog owners about writing for their blog. Google - Start by performing a search query in Google for a keyword phrase that is relevant to your SEO keyword targets. Next, click the "More" option in the top navigation of Google, and then choose "Blogs." This will show only blog posts and blog sites that are relevant to your keyword search. Again, you'll need to do some outreach after pinpointing potential opportunities for guest blogging.

* MyBlogGuest.com - Visit www.myblogguest.com to find and network opportunities for guest blogging. This is large community of both guest bloggers and blog owners - so you can offer both - your content and you blogs.

Are you leveraging the advantages of guest blogging for SEO? Do you have any strategies SEO marketing or resources that you'd like share?


Creative Ways to Build Links for Ecommerce SEO

Creative Link Building Ecommerce SitesThe internet is a fairly crowded place, so much so that standing out from the masses can present a number of difficulties. Admittedly, there are numerous tools and strategies that one could deploy to make their ecommerce SEO efforts so much more effective.

Yet, more often than not, with the majority of ecommerce sites on the internet utilizing the exact same tools and strategies to achieve results, one must rely upon their creativity and imagination to make an impact online.

Why Link Building is Vital for Ecommerce SEO Success

Sure, you have every reason to keep building links the old fashioned way. You just have to accept the fact that you are not likely to get anywhere, no matter how hard you try. After all, the competition is so stiff online that most ecommerce firms more often than not depend upon luck to get that big break that catapults them to the top of the pyramid. Of course, the fact that those old and trusted ways of link building have, over time, proven ineffective shouldn’t cause despair. While you could hire an ecommerce SEO company, the courage to deploy more creative strategies to achieve results in your ecommerce SEO efforts, some of those creative means of link building including the following:


Try reaching out to and interviewing experts and influencers within the SEO and social media arena. The idea is to utilize the fame and clout of the individual in question to spread the fame of your own online resource, possibly even convincing the interviewee to share the interview on their website or social media platforms, in the process allowing you to tap into the considerable streams of traffic they probably enjoy.

Guest blogging

The purpose of guest blogging lies in enabling you to reach out to the audiences of more successful bloggers with the aim of eventually linking back to your own website. Few other ecommerce SEO techniques are as effective when it comes to increasing one’s visibility on the internet as guest blogging. The basic idea is to earn links back to your website.


Crafting a quiz might not sound like a particularly effective use of your time; however, quizzes are a very effective tools for creating quality links to your website. They force people to engage and take an interest, eventually trickling back to the source of the quiz, if only to satiate their curiosity. Of course, you have to remember to relate the quiz to your site.


If you want to rapidly build links for ecommerce SEO, consider sponsoring an event. Try to remember the fact that most conference websites list every single party sponsoring their event. The idea is to take advantage of the conference in question by drawing attention towards your online resource,


People love free things. Consider investing in promotions that provide users the opportunity to win free stuff. Creativity is important in this arena. From shirts to pens, this is an effective way of attracting and maintaining the interest of the online community.

When it comes to ecommerce SEO tactics, quality matters; which is why one of the easiest ways of building quality links is to create content that is compelling enough to attract interest, this along with posting quality reviews of products on other ecommerce sites with the aim of earning some decent links back. Inject effort into your ecommerce SEO activities and your hard work will manifest in the quality of your work.


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