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10 rules for Ecommerce SEO

There are no general strategies to ecommerce SEO. For this reason, each ecommerce site needs specific and unique SEO strategies in order to improve its online visibility. Below are 10 of the most important tips (rules, if you will) for ecommerce SEO.

1) Organize your website for ecommerce SEO

The structuring of your ecommerce website has a direct impact on its visibility and overall SEO performance. Having a few pages specific to the product type or brand makes it possible for you to optimize each page individually, which can help to boost your site's keyword rankings.

2) Employ a mindful content strategy

This is one ecommerce SEO strategy that never goes wrong. Add value to your website by constantly updating it with unique and informative content that users are after. With this, you are sure to not only maintain traffic to your site but also increase its rankings in search engines. The content must always be related to your product niche.

3) Never duplicate content

A lot of ecommerce sites have a tendency of duplicating their content brought about by several product descriptions as well as lists. The resultant effect is that search engines usually penalize these sites. You should therefore find ways of reducing or completely eliminating redundancy in your ecommerce site if you want to rank high in search engines.

4) Avoid product descriptions from manufacturers

Using manufacturers’ product descriptions may seem like the most convenient and time-saving way of adding content to your ecommerce site. This is heavily discouraged if you want to improve your ecommerce SEO efforts. Always make sure you rewrite these descriptions using keywords that are most likely to be used by users.

5) Optimize product images

Most users are increasingly shifting from text search to image search. Adding related keywords to images (image optimization) could go a long way in improving its rankings in search engines. While at it, ensure that the keywords used are relevant and not just stuffed in there.

6) Write unique meta descriptions

Most ecommerce websites make the mistake of using the same Meta description for multiple pages. The purpose of Meta description is to get users to click your page when it appears in search engines. Always ensure that ach page has a unique Meta description.

7) Use product reviews

To rank highly in search engines, it is important to always have unique content. You can achieve this by having a comment box where users can put their product reviews. This is important because each user will have a different review of the same product and that is how you create uniqueness.

8) Create a link to the products from the home page

The worst mistake you can make as an ecommerce website owner is to put your product pages at the tail end of the link chain. This makes it cumbersome for users to get to the products and may directly affect the page’s ranking in search engines. Ensure your product page is only one link away from the homepage. This will significantly improve your search engine rankings and also make it easier for your customers to find the products.

9) Optimize the anchor text

Your search engine visibility will improve greatly if you add keywords to internal links on the website. Try and create links in the keyword texts rather than using the traditional ?click here’ links. You can also increase your site’s visibility by creating links to similar products in the product descriptions.

10) Pay Per Click (PPC): don’t depend on it and don’t ignore it

For a long time now, the use of an ecommerce PPC strategy has been on the rise. While this strategy may work for some websites, it is no secret that the costs are increasingly becoming more and more unaffordable. The downside of ecommerce PPC advertising is that once you are not able to afford it anymore, your online visibility will disappear drastically. In addition to that, most customers do not trust some of those links and banners that keep popping up on their browsers.

However, do not entirely ignore PPC. You can blend ecommerce SEO practices with PPC for the best results.

In order for you to sell anything, your customers must be able to find you. This can be better achieved by employing these 10 ecommerce SEO tips during the initial phases of constructing your ecommerce website.


5 Vital SEO Tips to Mitigate Google's Doorway Page Update

This year has started hot with many Google updates. But one that probably went by unnoticed by many was the doorway update.

Doorway Page SEO

This doorway update seeks to devalue SEO tactics that use doorway pages to drive search engine traffic to any given website. This is similar to the practice that has been going on for a while with EMD (exact match domains) where there would be a single page for a specific keyword, and then all that clicking traffic would be connected to a website somewhere else.

Although the EMD updates already came a long way ago, Google's new doorway update seeks to finally cut off the head of the beast, from such similar SEO tactics.

So to avoid getting dinged for having sketchy doorway pages, here are a few steps that can be taken:

1. Do not leave empty pages as content doorways.

The reason for this is that these content pages are totally screaming doorway page to Google's crawling bots. They usually have no content, are SEO optimized on the headers and the meta description with the keyword, have some ads, and then have a small navigation that points to your main target site.

This is being devalued, and any well-ranked pages that meet the criteria will lose their rankings. Besides the possibility that Google may also penalize the website that receives such links as a whole, forcing them to probably disavow them using Google's link disavow tool.

2. Make your doorway SEO pages easily findable.

One reciprocal thing a website does to its other pages is that it links to them. So if you have a link from a page that you want Google to think it's part of your website, then you must link back to it from your main page.

This because one-way links nowadays look fishier than ever. To mitigate this Google bot suspicion and to keep your page's rank, you have to link from your home page to it.

3. Keep time sensitive content fresh.

Pages which depend on user-generated content, staff-generated content similar to reviews, blogs, galleries and others, which signal the freshness of a page in order for it to rank well, need to be fresh all the time.

Don't leave it for chance. If you can, try to create content for a mid to long term time frame such as a few months. Then you can simply program it (especially in Wordpress) so that it is published automatically. Then you won't have to worry about this page getting hit by this type of SEO factor.

4. Don't reuse duplicate content.

Content is king, and duplicate content is a sin. If having duplicate content on a website before was already a big problem, much more now with this new update. Seek to establish your doorway or EMD pages with unique fresh relevant content that will signal to Google's search that users aren't bouncing from it, and also that they are clicking through to other pages on your site. Most especially if you use Google Analytics to monitor your site's traffic.

5. Avoid common multipage websites if possible.

It's OK to have a page or two and make them part of your site's navigation as if they were your website. But if you extrapolate on this and let's say, you have like 30 pages, and all these pages are in the top navigation, this is going to be a real red flag.

If you have a site such as this, try to break that site up into a few smaller sites, this way it won't seem too obvious what your intent really is. Also, create some internal links by creating some content for the site itself, this way the site will have more authority in its niche.

These are some pointers that we hope will help you hone your SEO strategies. These will allow you to stay tuned to the latest Google updates, and will also enable you to grow your Traverse City SEO potential.


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