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10 Content Curation Tools for Savvy Social Media Marketers

Content Curation IdeasContent curation involves collecting, arranging and presenting information that is considered valuable about a given area or issue. Such content can be in the form of videos, images, and blog-posts that resonante with a specific target audience.

Providing important and valuable information to your audience makes you a thought leader in that given area of interest. In addition to that, content curation ensures the development and stability of your brand. Below is a list of 10 content curation tools that can help you gather, analyze and deliver content to your social media audience.


Using Curate you can find out, put together, add more information and then deliver content that add value to your clients. You get suggestions about content suitable for your audience and even arrange them depending on how important they are. Once you specify how you want things to be then content can be posted automatically even in your absence.


Listly helps you discover, and create well organized, straight to the point lists for your clients. You can then incorporate these lists to your website, and you and your audience can easily edit the lists.


Feedly uses the Really Simple Syndication to make sure both you and your audience get all the content you love. Besides that you also get access to other content that are not within your feed. Feedly also works well with Facebook, Dropbox, twitter, Evernote and many other social sites.


If you want to be considered the thought leader in your field, then this tool is a must for you. PublishThis allows you to curate content from advanced sources as well as key decision makers. With it, you can also increase the quality of the content you already have by spreading it alongside fresh content.


Ever imagined the power of an online magazine in marketing you content? Kuratur can help you create a web magazine automatically. Collect content from sites with RSS feeds such as Facebook and Twitter and then create numerous magazines all at once.


What happens when you are searching for content and you come across something you would want to view later? Its simple just put it in Pocket. There is no limit to what you can save either from your browser or other applications.


Simply allow your followers to make use of their sight. Using a board you can develop real stories for your audience. You can also use pins to curate almost anything with Pinterest


Swayy helps you find videos, images, articles and more that you can conveniently share with your social media followers. Swayy also gets you suitable hashtags and handles so your followers can find messages that have a given theme or information.


Keep your social media networks, emails, blogs, newsletters, and eBooks blowing using shareist. Shareist makes it possible to get content and then let them appear as posts on the mentioned communication channels. So you can be sure to market your content in no time.


This tool allows you to gather content and use in the best way possible on your social media sites. The best thing about Trapit is that you can even analyze how well or bad your content is doing on social media. Trapit is able to identify the content you like and ensures you get your favorite.


Content curation has been in use for several years. Owing to the increased competition marketers have no option but to develop engaging content that will help them achieve their goals. Thanks to the availability of content curation tools, it is no longer such an uphill task. However to realize success you need well rooted editorial, technological, creative and distribution techniques.


Local Retailer Expands Into Ecommerce With New Online Parts Store

German Bliss Online Parts StoreThe great thing about dealing with a reliable (and often times locally-established) business is the assurance of top-notch products, dependable customer service, and timely delivery. When it comes to lawn mowers, tractors, farming vehicles, and landscaping equipment (or repairing and supplying parts for such equipment,) German Bliss offers over 70+ years of experience.

With roots as a local supplier of parts and equipment throughout central Illinois, German Bliss has spread its wings to the online market. Now, the company operates a complete online store where customers can buy hard-to-find replacement parts from anywhere.

In addition to offering some of the most challenging to locate parts for brands like Bush Hog, Land Pride, and Gehl equipment, German Bliss provides its customers with an exceptional shopping experience that's supported by the following cornerstones.

Incredible Convenience

All a customer needs to do is to visit the online store and through the site's easy-to-use interface and browsing navigation, key in the part they need for a quick search. In order to simplify the search, it is advisable to key in the manufacturer's name and the model number. Once the part is available, you can proceed to pay using your preferred card, after which your order is processed and the part dispatched.

A major upside of the company's online store is scalability. Customers have access to a wide assortment of parts to select from, which they may probably not have access to in a physical store visit. Furthermore, customers from across the nation can access the company's website in the comfort of their homes and place orders online. That, coupled with the availability of parts at any given time of day through the virtual platform is a win for customers. No more inconveniences caused by store closures at night or harsh weather.

Impeccable Service & Fast Delivery Online Parts Order Delivery

The online platform also offers customers with a secure avenue for ordering their parts. The company has invested in a robust system to safeguard its customers' online safety. The company's specialists are also on hand to handle enquiries regarding specific parts.

This ensures that customers purchase the right parts for their equipment and minimizes chances of downtime while seeking subsequent part replacements. Customers can make enquiries regarding the parts on offer and get apt responses from the company's representatives.

Pinpoint to Hard-to-Find Parts

German Bliss boasts a huge inventory of parts. Its flagship online store simplifies the process of securing hard-to-find parts for brands such as Bush Hog, Servis Rhino, McMillen, Land Pride, and Bradco. Finding these rare brands often requires a lot of legwork, which can be tiresome and at worst, disheartening. However, gaining access to these top brands is only a mouse-click away now.

Replacement Parts Inventory

For instance, homebound tractor owners can place their orders online and have their parts delivered at their doorsteps. You can also use handy search functionality, such as the Bush Hog parts lookup when you need specific Bush Hog replacement parts for certain model. The interactive online platform also enables customers to pre-select their parts prior to purchase. Even in the event that a part is unavailable online, customers can call the parts hotline and place an order from the company directly.

Low Pricing & Financing Options

Purchasing heavy-duty equipment or expensive replacement parts can be a daunting experience, especially when a part breaks down abruptly and you are short of cash. German Bliss understands this and offers financing options that are guaranteed to take the edge off you. That way, you can focus on what is more important to you - getting your equipment running and completing your job. Bargain hunters are also assured of competitively priced products on the new site.

German Bliss strives to provide a gratifying customer experience to visitors of their online store. The store comprises of a range of products and parts built to exacting specifications. If you are looking online for replacement parts from renowned manufacturers, you may want to peek at some of the available replacement parts online from this company.

Check out the new online parts store by visiting Store.GermanBliss.com.


The Evolution of Logistics in a B2C Ecommerce Marketplace

With the emergence of more and more ecommerce sites, the logistics of how businesses work and distribute goods has greatly changed in recent years. Although in the past, the physical storefront was an important factor to generate sales, today this is not the case.

Before, businesses had to be situated in the prime location. They needed a storefront in a location where plenty of shoppers would visit, where there was plenty of traffic, and where they had steady business. With ecommerce, and logistics today, businesses still need a warehouse or distribution center to manage their inventory and supply chain, but an actual storefront to work with customers is all digital

New Changes in Ecommerce & Logisitics

Ecommerce Logistics WarehouseWith the emergence of B2C ecommerce, the relationship between customer and e-retailer has greatly changed. For starters, there are new actors in the play. New strictly "online" ecommerce businesses have emerged. But, businesses which already have a storefront are also making their way onto the world of online selling and retail.

This increase in competition is good for the consumer (lower prices), and retailer, as it doesn't limit where they can sell based on location alone. Location is also different. Today, retailers can choose distribution centers which are larger, and they can be in smaller regions, to drive down cost of operation. With online sales, they no longer are forced to stick to one geographic region.

Purchases are directly linked to customers. In fact, they are directly linked to the distribution center in many cases. Customers can order online, and their order is going directly to the distribution center in many cases. This cuts out the middle man, and gives the customer more control.

Tracking is also a major part of the distribution today. Customers want to know where their order is and when it will arrive. This forces distribution centers to provide some form of tracking to the customer, with each order placed. In essence, tracking and reporting has become vital in today's more fluid logistics supply chains for ecommerce stores.

Challenges with Supply Chain Management

Logistics Warehousing & DistributionWith ecommerce being more prevalent today, physical distribution centers are changing in many ways. Economies of scale (large malls or shopping centers) and the conventional supply chain are being challenged more than ever in the past. Local warehouses and distribution centers are relied upon, in major metro areas today, in order for deliveries to be made on a timely basis for customers. This, in turn, has shaped the role of many of the top logistics management companies throughout the world.

Further, the consumer is no longer maintaining the load or paying the costs for moving goods from store to home today; with ecommerce, businesses are bearing this load, so as to keep customers happy and to outdo their competition. In urban areas, growing logistics demands of ecommerce businesses, are more and more difficult to keep track with, due to the many orders which are being made by customers online on a daily basis.

Although the traditional storefront retail center will never go away, more and more ecommerce sites are popping up, changing the way in which business run. With changes in logistics, supply chain management, and how orders are placed, businesses have to make the right changes, if they hope to compete in today's digital marketplace.


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