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Using Competitive Analysis to Shape Your Company's SEO Strategies

Ecommerce SEO is imperative to online marketing success for digital retailers. With most people relying on quick Google searches for products, online reviews, and information pertaining to the needs they have, attaining the highest ranks online within your marketing is going to help you grow.

SEO Competitive Analysis

But how do you know what your competitors are doing, and how can you keep up with them. Leveraging their SEO strategies will help you build your company, grow, and stay ahead of the curve. These are a few ways to mimic your competition.

1. Mirror backlinks

As a staple in most ecommerce SEO competitive analysis, learn how they are building inbound backlinks. Google has gotten sharper with the new algorithms, so figuring out how to properly use links is important for higher SEO rank. Finding the high quality sources in your niche is a daunting task, so learn how your competitors do it to cut the time.

There are free and paid for tools out there to help you gain insight as to what your competitors do. Although you don't want to copy their strategy, you can use some of their tactics to find reputable links within your niche.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing via video, email marketing, blogs, and other content, is also important to your SEO rank. Therefore, you can see what competitors are doing within this field, in order to learn what works, what doesn't, and what to incorporate to your SEO strategy.

You don't want to duplicate what works, but simply gain insight about your audience to learn what is most appealing to them. From there, you can build new content which works best within your niche, and for your target audience as well.

3. Geography

To gain SEO rank for long tailed keywords, you want to write articles about your niche, in the local geographic area your business is located in. You have to keep it within your industry niche as well as geographic area. This gives you a competitive advantage, but if there are many local companies in your niche, learn what works and what doesn't.

Again, you don't want to copy what they do. But rather look at what works, but gains traction, which posts are most read, and so forth. By knowing what your competitors are doing locally, you gain new insight, and also learn about what your niche audience is looking for within your industry as well.

There is no single method to increase SEO rankings over night; but, doing a few things, making certain modifications, and learning the new Google algorithm, is imperative if you do want to see your rank jump for long and short tailed keywords.

Further, learning from your competition allows you to learn what to do, and what you should avoid doing within your business niche. Not only will using these three tactics help you see what your competitors are doing well (and where they are failing), it will also give you insight as to how you can rebuild and re-brand your company, in order to gain visibility on the web.


The Adaptive Art Of Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO ArtA number of SEO strategies used by some ecommerce sites have, with time, become less effective and ultimately obsolete. This is especially in ecommerce SEO markets of competing with big retail websites which are already established. Consequently, ecommerce sites need to adjust the traditional ecommerce SEO strategies to make them more relevant and competitive.

Adopting Social Media, Aggressively

One of the most effective ways of ecommerce sites achieving SEO success is adopting strategies that are more socially oriented. This means that while formulating their strategies, the sites should ensure that they provide content driven strategies. The importance of this is that mare traditional SEO strategies are not enough to make the sites remain competitive.

Almost every ecommerce site uses these traditional strategies which do not provide new ways of achieving success. These traditional SEO strategies are also mastered by many ecommerce sites and therefore the audience does not get captivating content. A site that that wishes to standout and be more successful in ecommerce SEO should get creative with search marketing strategies through integrated social media and content marketing.

Creating Reader-Focused Content, Regularly

The modern SEO require the ecommerce sites to provide content that can both engage and inform the audience. some of the ways of ensuring the content provided is audience targeted is using things such as case studies, product showcase videos and in depth review articles amongst others. This result to the content being socially favored which ultimately influences an ecommerce site’s SEO efficiency and overall success.

Such content provides the audience with more information which is easier to understand. As a result, the people getting this content get to make informed decisions through knowing exactly what they are paying for. Furthermore, the audiences enjoy getting the captivating content especially while it is presented in the right way.

Providing Timely Customer Support, Impeccably

Through using valuable and audience targeted content, ecommerce sites also makes the audience get more confidence on the various products and services from the particular site. This is because the audience sees that the site has the relevant know how.

As a result, the people who get this content feel the need to purchase from a site that clearly understands about the different products and services. The customers also feel that they can get satisfactory answers regarding the products being marketed. This results to the SEO efforts of any ecommerce site being better.

Battling Big Box Retailers, Fearlessly

Another important reason why ecommerce sites should adjust their SEO strategies to be more socially oriented is that the big box retailer websites are mostly already established. This means that using the traditional strategies will not make the ecommerce site noticed before the already established sites. Through deviating from the traditional strategies, the ecommerce sites are able to attract more attention and create improved trust. Eventually, the ecommerce sites are able to penetrate and eventually catch up with the bigger websites.

An adjustment to SEO strategies for an ecommerce site from the traditional strategies to crafting valuable and audience targeted content also provides any ecommerce site with the opportunity to be consistent. This is because a site that always provides such content is able to capture the audience attention and therefore always come back to look for the content.

This means that the audience is less likely to go else where to look for this content and therefore become loyal customers. The customers are also likely to tell others about the ecommerce site providing reliable content. Therefore, improved ecommerce SEO success can be achieved through using audience targeted content and other SEO strategies.


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