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Guest Blogging How to Become a Guest Blogger

For SEO's and Internet marketers, guest blogging can offer a highly efficient solution to gain exposure on the web. Guest blogging provides an opportunity to promote products and services on well-respected publishing platforms as well as generate high authority link popularity to optimized webpages.

This is solid, two-fold strategy that can help just about any business. Writing content for other blogs can further enhance a brand's visibility as well as SEO efforts by way of link building.

In this post, we will underscore the essence of guest blogging and you can become a guest blogger.

The Basics of Guest Blogging

How to Become a Guest Blogger for SEO

In simple terms, a guest blogger will submit content that will be published on another blog that doesn't belong to the guest blogger or the company that he or she is blogging for. This one reason why guest blogging requires a bit of research and inquiry.

One must pinpoint the ideal blogs that suit both the brand and the company's Internet marketing objectives, and inquire to the blog owner or webmaster whether or not they would accept a guest blog post. As a result, a relationship is formed, and certain factors are laid out, such as:

  • What is the theme or topic of the guest blog post?
  • How many outbound links can be in the blog post?
  • What is the nature of those outbound links?

How do I Become a Guest Blogger?

If you're interested in becoming a guest blogger, the process is pretty straightforward. In fact, many blogs are actually actively looking for contributing content, so look for links or calls-to-action on certain blogs that say something like 'interested in contributing content?' or 'become a guest blogger.'

If you do not see any links of the sort, it is best contact that blog owner or webmaster directly. Be concise, honest, and respectful in how you inquire. Simply state who you are, what it is you can offer, and what you're interested in as a result. An interested blog owner will often request writing samples, so be prepared to show some of your best work.

Additionally, be prepared to work-out a plan that outlines some of the questions mentioned above. If it is SEO link building that you really want from your guest blogging efforts, let them know that you specifically need a backlink with specific anchor text. Remember, content is king, and if you are providing the content, you have more control over the deal.

Pinpointing the Right Blogs

Determining the best blogs to write for depends on your end-goals. If it SEO and website optimization that you are interested in, then choose higher authority blogs (that have a high Google PageRanks) that have some relation to you content's focus. Typically high authority business blogs are more popular and get a lot more readers, so the quality of your content must be up-to-par.

If it brand promotion that you are interested in, then seek blogs that have a niche focus that is closely aligned with your brand. Consider the targeted reader for each blog and think about whether or not he or she is someone that would find interest your guest blog post. Some external blogs for businesses are highly flexible in the types of content they can publish, so be sure to be selective. Typically the more niche, the better.

Guest blogging can be highly impactful in many ways. Whether for small business SEO and Internet marketing or online branding and product promotion, the opportunities are abundant. Inquiring to the right blogs with the right approach is the momentous first step to get the ball rolling.

Blog on.


Why Google+ is a Must for Ecommerce Stores

Google+ for Ecommerce StoresMany ecommerce marketers are on the fence about whether or not Google+ is worth pursuing. Not only is adding another social media network to mix added work, but Google+ is in its early stages, and many are hesitant to jump on board.

The fact of the matter is, Google+ is growing fast and is projected to be the next biggest social media network. In addition to that, Google+ is directly tied to Google Search. So as you begin to accumulate followers, the content you share can actually influence you follower's search engine results (when the keyword query is relevant to your posts.) This underscores Google's revolutionary model of Search Plus Your World.

Ecommerce Advantages of Google+

* Social Signals Impact SEO – Now more than ever, social media signals (Google +1's, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn Shares, etc.) are influencing to search engine rankings. By integrating Google+ icons on your website, you can promote your company's ecommerce SEO efforts. Of course, this will be enhanced when you create awesome content that's well liked among your target audience.

* Gain Natural Inbound Traffic – Similar to Facebook and Twitter, the idea for ecommerce marketers is direct traffic to the website. This is otherwise known as inbound marketing, and it's a perfectly natural way to gain more visitors to your website. Again, this hinges on the type and quality of content you share on Google+.

* Be an Early Adopter – Because Google+ is relatively new amongst the social media options out there, your ecommerce brand can gain momentum by being an early adopter. In short, first generation Google+ users will be authority figures. How you might ask? Like mentioned above, you Google+ social activity can influence the search engine results of your followers, which is huge! Additionally, your website itself gains an extra level of credibility based on the fact that your Google+ page links to your website.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Google+ offers so many different ways in which ecommerce brands can promote their products and connect with new customers, while retaining the loyalty of existing customers. From "Hangouts" to content marketing, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

Are you using Google+ for you ecommerce store? What strategies are you employing to build your brand and customer base?


Tips to Create Videos for Your Ecommerce Marketing Efforts

Video marketing has become an effective marketing tool for online businesses, particularly ecommerce. No matter what product you intend to promote, video marketing can work to your advantage in many ways.

Ecommerce Video Marketing

There are many platforms for video marketing that can give you the audience you seek (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) You therefore need to employ the right strategies that will help you create video content of great viral potential. The following tips are useful for creation of effective marketing videos which will certainly help you realize maximum benefits.

Choose a good video title

A good, keyword-relevant video title will help the video to show up in search engine results, thus pulling powerful traffic to your website. Additionally, a great title grabs a viewer's attention making him/her interested in watching the video and eventually buying the product or service. When you post your videos to YouTube or other social sites, the title of the videos will determine a person's decision on whether to watch it or browse on. The title should therefore be catchy yet relevant to the video content and SEO keyword targets.

Feature only compelling and relevant content

When creating a marketing video, you should think about your ideal viewer and what he/she considers valuable. A video which teaches the viewer "how to" do or get something are very powerful because they give the viewer great value while showcasing your knowledge and skills hence presenting you as an expert in the field. Quality content is key for a continuous growth of your ecommerce brand. You should also make sure that you keep your videos short because your viewers will lose attention if your videos are too long no matter how good the content is.

Include URL to your website in the video description

When editing your video (whether the video itself or the YouTube description, ensure that you insert a text box which displays your ecommerce website address. This is important especially if you intend to market your business in other online platforms. This is a great way of increasing exposure for your business especially to viewers who have no idea of your business. Your URL's should be clickable so as to transform views into clicks and sales.

Be creative while developing your videos

Find a creative way of telling your viewers the ecommerce products and services you offer. This can be done by including some creative graphics which help you communicate your message in the best way. Ensure that your videos answer the most important questions your viewers may have concerning your product or service. You can also tell a compelling story to your viewers and bring out a lesson at the end.

Use the videos for branding

For ecommerce branding purposes, include your company logo strategically in your marketing video. You can have the logo displayed throughout the video, or during some key times in the video.

Give reviews, recommendations, and testimonials

Customers usually value the recommendations of their peers concerning a certain product or service. You should therefore include endorsements of your product or service especially from individuals who your customers look up to. You can also look for credible executives who are bold enough to sell your product in the best way possible.


Carving a Niche in Embroidery Designs for Sewing Machines

There is no denying the fact that there are plenty of people around the world that love sewing and embroidery work. That being said, it’s also not necessarily something that many people would jump up and down saying that it was an incredibly exciting industry. T

herefore, it may seem to be incredibly difficult when it comes to marketing an embroidery website, as it could be a challenge to gain the type of traction that it needs to survive. However, a website like Windstar Embroidery has been able to gain a large following of dedicated users who rely on their embroidery designs for all of their sewing machine needs. Here’s a look at how they were able to turn their generic idea into an ecommerce success story that shows how any website can capitalize in their given market.

Easy To Use Materials

One of the highlights of Windstar Embroidery is that it provides materials for their customers that are incredibly easy to use. There are tons of different options to choose from for embroidery patterns, at which point a user then just has to click on the design and download it to their computer. From there, the user can easily then begin sewing their own design at home.

A Clear And Concise Embroidery Design Website

There is nothing more frustrating from a users point of view than coming across a website that is confusing or hard to navigate. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Windstar Embroidery website. Instead, the entire left side of this embroidery designs website includes design options to choose from, and each page has it’s own featured designs that are commonly used.

There are plenty of ecommerce sites out there that make it difficult for their users to navigate through the site, but this is a perfect example of how easier is certainly better. For an ecommerce site to be successful, they need to ensure that customers will stay interested with their site. And as proven here on this embroidery designs website, even if it’s something as simple as embroidery designs, a clear and concise website can make that happen. Scope out the Windstar Embroidery design website to see for yourself.

Many Options To Choose From

There are a ton of different embroidery designs to choose from with the Windstar Embroidery website. Other ecommerce websites can take note, as they must have a wide range of options to choose from if they want to continually draw in new customers that will stay interested. It doesn’t matter if a company is selling shoes, t-shirts, artwork, or, as in this case, embroidery designs, having plenty to choose from will increase the potential market that the company can target.

An embroidery design website may not be as attractive or interesting as other website options out there, but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be successful. As demonstrated through the efforts Windstar Embroidery, it’s all about how the website is developed and what is offered to the clients. If it’s something that interests them and its designed in an easy-to-use way, then the ecommerce website can rest assured knowing that they’ll begin gaining the traction they need to be successful.


5 Pillars of Successful Ecommerce SEO Programs

Ecommerce SEO PillarsTo ensure your business succeeds when investing in an ecommerce SEO campaign, it is important to desist from the temptation of going for 'black box' or quick fix methods to gain fast traction in the online market space.

In the SEO space (especially ecommerce SEO) it is important to employ a long-term and sustainable approach to the campaign within a well thought out and integrated marketing strategy. Here are the 5 pillars of successful ecommerce SEO programs, which include but are not limited to the following:

Brand Building and Niche Carving

Just like in the outside world, a brand name in the online market space is invaluable. First and foremost, it is important to cut a niche or specialized market for your business before even embarking on an SEO campaign.

Know your market, know what they want and come up with effective and efficient ways of getting them what they want. Once this has been done, build a brand that’s anchored on high quality, good content, reliability and timeliness. Always keep in mind that building a brand is usually the easiest part, maintaining the brand name is by far the most difficult aspect of any SEO strategy.

Website (Technical) SEO

Search engines such as Google need highly accessible sites which it can index and crawl. Technical SEO broadly does involve dealing with a wide array of issues such as pagination and indexation, page load and site speed times, keyword research, structured data rich snippets such as mark-up and micro data, meta tags, URL structure as well as site management are some of the technical aspects that require constant attention.

Using Google Webmaster Tools or dashboard management for technical SEO comes in quite handy in this regard. Use Google PageSpeed to measure both inner and home page speed or Yahoo’s YSlow Plug-in. It is also advisable to use Schema to structure your content.

Content Marketing and Outreach

One of the most powerful pillars of SEO is content. Creating and promoting high quality content that aligns with your service or product offering is bound to help you increase overall sales figures. It is important to think of ways of offering complementary content both on and off site.

For an ecommerce store's SEO program, it is advisable to consider running various forms of content; it should not only be in form of text. Good content can be consumed as podcast (audio), webinars, guest blog posts, info graphics, competitions, white papers, email newsletters, mobile apps etc. it is important to get a good content marketing strategy that supports your brand. Promoting your high quality content does encourage bloggers, users and publishers to link to your site and discuss your content.

Provide Unmatched User Experience

For any SEO campaign to succeed, it is important to create and develop an intuitive and accessible website with your target market and other users in mind. Make a site that’s easy on the eye, easy to navigate and access or retrieve content. For an ecommerce site, make sure there is a secure and easy mode of payment as well.

Come up with ways to make the average user spend more time on your site and reduce the bounce rates. These are important engagement indicators which you need to take into consideration. Always keep in mind that user experience is an on-going, never ending process. Come up with a responsive web design and have image and video driven content for a good start.

Social Media

As one commentator aptly put it, "Content is fire, social media is the gasoline" people are currently spending lots of hours on social media, the platform chosen notwithstanding. Facebook, Pinterest, Vine and Twitter are some of the leading platforms where people are constantly discovering and engaging with brands.

Any SEO campaign that doesn’t include a strong social media pillar is bound to fail in meeting its target. Any company that’s not already using Google Authorship is losing a great deal. Authorship does assist Google in assigning credibility to a site’s content, resulting in higher search engine results. Make sure you give users great content which they would want to share and while at that, ensure you give them tools such as social media buttons which make it easier for them to share this content.


Why Branding May Be The Best SEO Strategy

In 2016, digital marketing has completely come of age, with SEO leading the way for high-traffic websites. This is because for the last couple of years, the digital market has undergone a tremendous evolution. Over the last decade, SEO has become one of the most important marketing tools for all sorts of businesses.

Although there has been such positive growth in the digital world, the dust finally seems to have settled and businesses all over are realizing some important lessons – successful marketing still highly relies on traditional marketing methods like branding. There is no doubt that building a brand is one of the most important elements to SEO and generating traffic to a website. There are many reasons for this.

Brand Awareness is Still the Biggest Promoter of Products

While brand awareness can be improved through digital means like SEO and digital strategy, the basic tenets like having a loyal consumer base who identify with the product lies in the traditional technique of creating a strong brand. A strong brand is one which accurately aligns all its various aspects into a single idea that the customers can identify with.

By building and leveraging a strong brand, businesses ensure that every time a target customer is looking for the product, they go directly to it without looking for its alternatives. This means that customers do not just stumble upon the product, they actually look for it. Companies can benefit from a strong brand by having complementary marketing methods like mainstream media and a proper branding strategy.

Branding Puts Technology Work

Consistency is the most important approach of getting actual people aware of your products. When it comes to technology however, there are special algorithms in SEO that work well with search engines. The design of these algorithms is in such a way that they rely heavily on traffic to match certain keywords with certain websites.

This means that, a good branding strategy that encompasses all these basics will give the brand priority when certain keywords are input into the search engine. Crafting an intelligent SEO strategy that takes into account these fundamentals will definitely work best for companies who have built strong brands.

Search Visibility Can Be a Powerful Brand Statement

Search engine algorithms give priority to websites that have greater authority. This authority is determined by links that confirm the reach and credibility of a certain website. Search engines often rank websites according their content and link veracity. While some companies may get involved in unscrupulous methods of generating fake links, it does not work in the long-run due to smart algorithms that filter fake links.

Better branding ensures that certain websites have higher online authority than others, thus increasing their SEO potential. Companies can leverage on this by improving their brands through good promotion techniques both online and offline. Offline classification, definition and differentiation of brands is one of the best ways to attract unique hits online from both individuals and other websites online.

Many companies and websites have totally missed the opportunity that digital marketing has availed due to poor marketing strategies. While SEO is a very strong marketing tool, in the end it highly depends on the authenticity and strength of the brand offline.


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