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4 Tips to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2015

Content marketing is the basis of almost every successful ecommerce web marketing strategy today. It’s important to place yourself in the running by fine tuning your strategy to produce the greatest influence.

Content is king these days, so getting to know what your target audience is looking for is extremely important. If you master your content marketing strategy you’ll notice a huge increase in your ecommerce business’ ROI, website traffic, and social media presence.

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Here are four steps to creating an effective content marketing strategy for your ecommerce business:

1. Figure Out Your Objectives What is it that you hope to gain through content marketing? It’s important to set clear cut goals. This makes it easier to implement strategies to help you reach them, as well as making it easier to track your progress. In order to know what’s working and what isn’t, you have to have objectives to relate to.

This also keeps you on track in terms of producing content in ways that will best help you meet these goals. Staying on track is incredibly important if you hope to reach any kind of success through your strategy. Write out a list of specific objectives you hope to accomplish, and time frames for them.

2. Pull Together an Effective Team Once you know what your objectives are, you can look for people that can help you reach these goals. Look at what you need, and find people that are suited to help you make plans and implement them in order to get to where you are looking to go. These are the people that will help you develop and implement a content strategy that fits your business’ needs, and those of your target audience.

3. Research Your Target Audience Take time to do in depth research on the kind of person that will help you meet your objectives. When you take a wild guess at who you think will be into what you are providing, often times you are wrong. This is why so many content marketing campaigns fail.

You can’t create ideal content for an audience that does not want it, because they will not be there. Know who you are looking for. Collect evidence from the vast libraries of research, articles, and tests you can find online. Create a persona based on the research that you’ve done - target them and no one else. The more specific you get, the better your odds.

4. Create Appealing Content This is where a lot of ecommerce businesses mess up. They create content that they think will pull attention, but it doesn’t. The sure fire way to get this part of the process down is to think about the content you are putting out there. Do not shoot blindly into the dark. You should know specifically what your buyers like and don’t like at this point. Use this to create content that they would find interesting and helpful.

Test your content out and watch the analytics. The analytics will not lie to you. Trust what your audience is telling you by interacting their engagement with your content. Then, tweak your strategy accordingly.

Remember that your ecommerce brand is creating a relationship here. To do this, you need to understand who your relationship is with. You need to engage with them, make them feel heard and a part of. You also need to listen to the feedback that they are giving you, and react accordingly. Keep testing and trying different things until you get it right. If you do this, you are sure to reap the benefits of a solid content marketing strategy.


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