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Before investing in an ecommerce SEO company, one the most valuable decisions you can make is to receive an ecommerce SEO audit of your ecommerce site. Some ecommerce SEO companies will provide free SEO audits as a preliminary means to see how they can help you with your strategies and goals. In some cases, an SEO specialist will perform an ecommerce SEO site audit for a fee. Regardless of what options you have, getting a professional and thorough ecommerce SEO audit will help to ensure your future investment in an SEO service program yields optimal ROI.

Ecommerce SEO Site Audits: Information is Gold

Perhaps you're familiar with the cliché information is gold. When it comes to ecommerce SEO and putting together an effective strategy, this couldn't be any more true. Receiving the information and insights provided by an ecommerce SEO site audit will equip you and your team with knowledge to find the ideal ecommerce SEO company. If your company's internal ecommerce marketing team is savvy with SEO, the site audit can help reveal the weaknesses and opportunities that your team needs to address.

The report and what you learn from ecommerce SEO audits is ultimately the gold. With tangible information about the current status and SEO potential of your ecommerce site, you can better prospect, interview, and weed-out ecommerce SEO service providers. For example, you can ask specific questions about how your SEO company generates link popularity? or what on-site strategies does your SEO firm plan to implement to help get us ranked?

With the information and awareness provided from the SEO audit report, you'll already have a good understanding of what needs to be done. You can then leverage your awareness to pinpoint qualified ecommerce SEO companies that know truly where you site stands and what needs to be done to help achieve your goals.

Want a Free Ecommerce SEO Audit?

If you think getting an ecommerce SEO audit is good place to start, then we can point you in the right direction. Our affliate ecommerce SEO company, Click Centric SEO, offers free no obligation ecommerce SEO site audits to qualified companies. Unlike some SEO audits that are automatically generated with software, Click Centric SEO's ecommerce site audits are manually conducted by a team of ecommerce SEO experts and they usually take several hours to complete.

When you receive an ecommerce SEO site audit from Click Centric SEO, you receive the following insights regarding your website:

  • site authority metrics (longevity, page depth, load speed, and other technical elements) helping to guage SEO potential
  • content optimization and keyword relevancy
  • internal linking, sitemaps, navigational structure, and UI/UX
  • off-site web presence, social authority, and backlink analysis
  • conversion potential and proper use of calls to action

To inquire about receiving an SEO site audit or learn more about Click Centric SEO's ecommerce SEO services click here.

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