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Local High-End Boutiques Tap the Potential of Ecommerce Web Marketing

Local Boutique Gone EcommerceAs the owner of a small local boutique that offers highly-specialized and hard-to-find products, an online ecommerce site could significant grow your business. Due to the fact that you have such a specified niche, a direct targeted consumer audience, and less competition in your market space, an ecommerce website can do wonders for your site.

Whether you sell organic toys or rare jewelry, investing in an ecommerce web marketing could tap into an entirely new potential for your small business. Below we share some of the benefits and possibilities of exploiting ecommerce marketing with your niche boutique.

Increase Consumer Audience

If you have a small local boutique, that is well known and well established in the local community, what better way to expand upon this audience than by opening an ecommerce site? Especially if you are a well known business, and one that is highly targeted for your product listing, building an online audience should be easy to do.

With SEO and web marketing for ecommerce sites, targeted keyword searches, and the inclusion of searches via Google maps and other local searches, more consumers are going to be able to find you. And, with an ecommerce shop, you can expand, by growing to a broader audience base, and by shipping outside your local community as an online merchant.

Expand Your Sales

If you already have a developed retail shop, an ecommerce site can help expand business and sales. Due to the fact that you can carry more products in warehouses, rather than the small boutique shop, you are going to be able to sell more merchandise. And, because you can expand your sales center, by shipping outside your local community, it is also going to be easier to grow the number of consumers, and total sales figures, you are currently producing as a business.

Take organic toys store, Hazelnut Kids, for example. Once started as small retail store in Traverse City, the organic-only toy shop expanded its web presence by opening an online store. Now, after investing in web ecommerce web marketing, Hazelnut Kids toys have become an authority in the global market for organic toys, and the company is now realizing almost 90% of its sales from online shoppers.

Focus on a Niche

When it comes to expanding a local boutique shop, you are going to notice that as a small, niche market seller, you will find far more success than a local business that focuses on various niches. One main reason is the limited competition. If you are the only business that sells to a particular consumer audience, are the only business to carry a certain type of merchandise, and are a business that has specifically tailored to a particular audience, it is going to be easier to grow in that niche industry online. You already have the market cornered in your local community; the addition of the ecommerce site means the addition of a larger consumer base, within that small niche which you have already built as a business owner.

Today, more and more consumers are turning to online shopping. As a small local boutique, such as Hazelnut Kids in Traverse City, MI, the only way to appeal to the newer generation and those who have never visited your shop, is to grow with ecommerce web marketing.

In addition to keeping your current audience happy, it is going to allow your business to grow. And, because you can reach a much broader consumer audience base, outside of your small local community, it is going to greatly benefit the sales, the total consumer niche, and it is going to allow your business to grow in the small niche you have developed.


Best Practices of Link Building for 2015

Link Building Best PracticesLink building is an essential part of SEO. It can turn your site into a high traffic and authoritative website when done properly or it can push you out of business when done incorrectly. You should avoid any tactic or strategy that puts your website in risk of being penalized. This will especially critical when conducting SEO in 2015 as Google continues to refine the standards and quality of its search results.

Understanding Over-Optimization When Building Links

You should note that although spammy links or using other inappropriate techniques might work in short term, Google and other search engines can easily pinpoint over-optimized and spammy link profiles, and the outcome is devastating. Your website will be penalized if it is deemed to have used inappropriate mechanisms.

Inappropriate mechanism can be described as unethical ways of creating links with sole purpose of improving search engine placements and page rank. Over the last few years, Google has increased its surveillance on unethical link building making it difficult to operate unnoticed. Some of the inappropriate examples that can make your website penalized include using excessive link exchanges, Building links to your site on low quality (of "SEO" focused) directories, and repetitively using the exact keyword in your links' anchor text.

It is important to understand that in any solid SEO strategy that includes link building, quality over quantity rules. It is more beneficial to get few links from quality and relevant sites than hundreds from low quality sites.

The Best Form of Link Building is in Link Earning

Although, it may not feel easy as it reads, the best way is to get links is by creating unique, compelling content that others will want to link to naturally. You should also avoid the attempt to link your website with another website that has no relation with your business niche.

You should also not forget to incorporate social media. Today, the easiest and effective way reach thousands is through social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Once you create good content and share it on social media, there is higher chance that people will share it and thus, increase visibility.

Tips for Transparent Manual Link Building

The other important aspect that greatly affects how your website ranks is the way you create links. The anchor text for inbound links should never be the same. Google views identical anchor text as mechanical link building, which is not good for rank-worthy ecommerce SEO.

When creating content you should always come up with several phrases that better describes your target pages that you would like to appear on search engine. If you decide to use keywords, make sure to use a blend of variations. In fact, you can add to your website backlink profile using optimized image links.

The most important things in building successful links include relevancy, popularity and creativity. You must be creative with your content and use of anchor text. For example, you can mix branded anchors and generic anchors in your guest blogging. Never use the same anchor text twice, is a good rule of thumb for sustainable SEO and rankings.

You should also make sure that your website external links are balanced. One of the common SEO companies make is pointing all their links to homepage, which looks unnatural especially for websites with a lot of content.

As a organic SEO in Traverse City, we have links pointing to site through many internal pages. It is also important to keep monitoring your links for broken links and also for good neighbor. Broken links do not add value to your website while a site that was once a good neighbor can change and thus, the need for regular vigilance.


Did Penguin 3.0 Hurt or Help Your SEO Efforts? Weighing-in Google's Last Algo Update

Google Penguin 3Every time Google releases news about an update to its search algorithm, SEO's and webmasters (especially those who rely on ecommerce and other search marketing ventures) panic.

There is good reason to panic considering what these updates have done to good-ranking websites in the past; those who get affected loathe the updates but as we all know, Google is only trying to promote healthy competition by doing justice to black hat practitioners and subsequently, providing web surfers with quality info.

Maybe it is a conditional response that SEO's and webmasters should hold on to their hearts when an update starts rolling out but there is good reason why they should hail Penguin 3.0 which was launched on October 17 this year.

The Slow Roll of Penguin 3.0

If you are probably wondering how a Google update can possibly be of benefit to website owners, lets first review some facts about it. With regards to dates, it was launched on October 17th and since it is worldwide, spokesmen from Google said that it would continue rolling out for weeks. Pertinent to technicalities, it has been made clear that new signals were not added which makes Penguin 3.0 'just a refresh’ as they are putting it. This implies that it will not have new effects and is very much like the last roll out of penguin.

As is expected of it, the update will denote sites which have a bad link profile. However, its main intent was to help those which were denoted by previous penguin updates recover if the owners have fixed their link profiles. It is also important to note that a site will be denoted if it presently has a bad link profile irrespective of whether it was okay when the previous Penguin update was rolled out.

Tidy-up Your SEO Practice

If you have been busy cleaning up webspam signals and over-SEO-optimization (which were pinpointed and penalized by rollouts which came before Penguin 3.0,) your site is more apt to recover. This is why people should not panic because they are very few if any who dared run their link building enterprise artificially by buying the links after Penguin showed up.

Although some sites will still be caught out, this time is not about penalizing but helping those who have been affected before to a full recovery. As said before, it is worldwide and will carry on slowly which means that people who have webspam signals can take care of the problem by flight if their sites have not yet been denoted.

If your site has already been hit due to overly-aggressive SEO, you can recover very fast if only take the right steps. First, start by carrying out an analysis which lets you know the source of your toxic links. For analysis, you can use a free tool like Google Webmaster’s tool.

After a comprehensive SEO site audit, you will move on to the removal stage. The best way to remove negative link is embarking on a manual method where you contact website owners who have linked back to you by writing them emails. Alternatively, you can use the Disavow Tool and then contact Google with a reconsideration request.


5 Elements of 2015 Focused Search Marketing Program

Search Marketing 2015SEO and search marketing are of the main marketing strategies that can help any online retailer take business to next level. The whole process of optimizing an ecommerce website as per changing algorithms of search engines can help you rank better in the online industry. That, in addition to a number of other possibilities and opportunities with search marketing.

Since search engine algorithms continue to change, online retailers need to evolve with time to survive in the industry. We should make sure that we stay up-to-date and formulate best practices to claim good rankings for specific keywords. If you want your website to have a purposeful impact in 2015, here are five components of search marketing that every online retailers and marketer should know when marketing their website:

PPC Advertising

We all know about it, but only a few are able to make the best use of this tool offered by Google. Google Adwords offer quick and easy pay-per-click advertising option to all e-marketers and e-retailers. Best part is that you need not even make heavy investment to make use of this marketing method.

This platform provides you with great flexibility and control on a budget. You can set your PPC account and reap maximum profits. Since it is often difficult to get organic traffic on a regular basis, using a PPC strategy will help you attract targeted audience to the website. The main benefit is that you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is all about targeting the right keywords in the right manner. You can use tools and services offered by search engines to know about trending keywords relevant to your company niche. Once you have them, content marketing is what that lets you implement them in a way that attracts high number of audience on a regular basis.

Like local SEO, ecommerce SEO get uber niche targeted on specific brands, products, or product-types. For instance, like a local SEO firm might specialize in search engine optimization for surgeons, an ecommerce SEO firm might specialize in search engine optimization for health and beauty retailers. Try seeking out SEO providers with niche expertise.

Understanding the basic phenomenon of implement SEO strategies to attract organic traffic is the right way to optimize your website. This ensures overall profit and lasting results.

Social Media Marketing

The algorithms of search engines have truly changed since the emergence of social media. Many content-based websites have become community oriented, such as Digg started allowing its users to vote out for which stories should make the front page, while YouTube factors total video views and user ratings on their front page rankings. Given all the benefits of using social media sites for marketing your business, you should focus more on establishing a strong social media presence on networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These sites send search engines signals of authority and influence.

Content Marketing

Content is the king and there is no denying to it. Best part is that content marketing is one of the simplest forms of internet advertising. You write a minimum of two- three articles a day and your website automatically starts ranking higher on search engines. Make sure all your articles and videos or audios are unique and relevant to your business. Search engines have stated that creating and publishing quality content is the best way to rank for keywords, as well as create positive user experiences. It is one strategy that goes a long way.

Link Generation

If content is the king, link generation is the queen. It’s not about which website has the maximum links, but the most quality links pointing back the website. Link generation and building backlinks by submitting press releases on popular blogs in your niche is the best way to attract organic traffic to the site. The whole idea is to create newsworthy content that can influence bloggers and other websites to link that content.


Primary Components of a User-Centric SEO Strategy

SEORetailers spend thousands of dollars on analysis and usability testing before launching a redesigned or new ecommerce website. Shortly after launch, businesses are often puzzled about their website’s lack of search engine visibility. When they turn to vital SEO information online, they often encounter various black-hat myths and other misconceptions about the SEO process.

The conclusion often reached is user-centered design (UCD) and SEO are at odds with one another. Many Black Hat professionals try to encourage this belief because this way they try to wriggle away from an area that they have limited or no knowledge about.

This is the best time for usability professionals and website owners to open their eyes. SEO and UCD are now closely related. The shift on putting users and customers in focus is quite different from SEO practices of yesterday.

Why There’s So Much Focus On The User?

There are two basic goals of user-centric SEO. The first and most important one is to get high-value traffic by using targeted and valuable experience on the website. This can be done using on-site SEO techniques. The second is to create an environment where users can directly connect with the content that’s highly relevant to them. This not only leads to higher user satisfaction, but also conversion.

Other benefits of user-focused SEO are protection against massive traffic loss and ranking due to website migrations and redesigns, protection against penalization, increase in conversions, traffic quality/quantity, user satisfaction and ROI. There is also a noticeable increase in in-bound links, earned citations, engagement and social shares from authority websites and other industry influencers.

Elements of User-Centric SEO

Now that you’ve understood the concept of user-centric SEO, it’s time to learn more about its primary components:

Keyword Definition

It’s very important to carry out thorough review and analysis of keywords with special emphasis on compiling a list of all high-value keywords. These might not necessarily be the ones with higher search volumes, but they definitely have a greater appeal to target personals, can drive traffic and build brands. They can also help in much better conversion. Later on, you can easily integrate appropriate keywords in your page content.

Developing Quality Content

It’s very important to develop user centric content that also contains your niche keywords. Your content will define how you’ll interact with your target audience. This content is not only for your website but also for blogs, social media, and forums. Your ultimate goal should be to produce and share content that advances your goals.

Developing Personas

Developing personals is key to user-focused SEO, as this process compels you to think about your users and their needs. Whether you're doing SEO for surgeons and medical specialists or SEO for ecommerce, personas each may have different goals and conversion paths that will decide how you place your keywords on your website. By developing personas in planning stages you and your clients can be on the same page from the get-go and this will also prevent you from implementing wrong SEO strategies to get traffic.

Metric Identification

In this, you should determine all the metrics that are to be tracked, techniques used to capture, and the frequency of reporting. This is important for two reasons: The first is to get hold of crucial client data that will help you refine your SEO activities. The second is to ensure an integrated way that will help you show your value to your target audience and identify successes.

Setting these four vital elements securely in place can give you the springboard from where you can work further for your online success. Each and every aspect of your SEO efforts will then be driven by and reflected in all these areas.


Common Hurdles With Ecommerce SEO Link Building

Ecommerce SEO Click CentricOne of the most important things in a website is the ability to have many visitors. There are various strategies that are used by the web specialists with an aim of increasing the traffic of a given site. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges that face most ecommerce sites, who aim at building links. Here are some of the common hurdles faced by the ecommerce SEO building.

1. Depending on Blogs

Theoretically, it is possible to build links to your ecommerce website via blogs. Nevertheless, there are several challenges accompanied with it. This is probably because most of the visitors of ecommerce sites are interested in buying the goods and leaving the site.

They are not much interested in too much content. Eric Ward cites that a blog will only reach out to many if you publicize it with the right strategies. The blogs on ecommerce will also feature a whole lot of customer reviews, which is not that helpful to link building.

2. Pushing People to Like Your New Facebook Page

When building a link, it is all about being friendly to the visitor. If you have created a business page, you will need to let people like the page themselves, rather than pushing them to like it.

In most situations, people will only like a business page if they are willing to, if they are pushed to, they might ignore. For that, depending on Facebook like for building links might not be that successful.

3. Basing On The Quantity Rather Than The Quality

With an ecommerce website, the quality of the content is what matters a lot. Customers need to see content that will be easy to read and interpret. For instance, uploading a video about how to use a product might help, rather than uploading lots of videos on promoting the product or testimonials. People should aim at content that is helpful to the visitor.

4. Backlink Seeking Based on Algorithm

Typically, a number of patterns will stop if you apply some backlink auditing for your ecommerce website. In almost every ecommerce, they use a number of links and extensions, here are some of the common one used:

  • Sponsorship Links: They are practical and they can be applied tactically, using the white hat strategy. Nevertheless, these links might in a way or another miss some information since they are being sponsored by another business. The other business might not present all the required details of the sponsored site.
  • .edu Access: You can access an .edu domain for your ecommerce in many ways. For instance, if you have discounts meant for the students, then you might be linked to a student page. Basically the more opportunity you exploit on the students, stuff or faculty page, is the more you will be building the link to your ecommerce page.

Generally, you must know and understand the limitations of your website. You should avoid forcing your site to be what it’s not. Technically, you must avoid forcing people to like your page, or forcing to amuse the visitors with an aim of attracting their attention. Once one knows how to strategize on reaching out to many people, they will be able to increase your ecommerce SEO easily.


The Neon South Capitalizes on Custom Neon Tank Top Niche

It's the dream of most ecommerce businesses - finding, developing and cornering a niche market. Dallas based company, The Neon South, has managed to do just that, using its ability to keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary youth culture to carve out a thriving online business.

Custom Neon Tank TopsFounded by two former fraternity brothers who had a brain wave on the way back from Mardi Gras one year, the company sells custom neon tank tops, as well as colorful and creative hats, sunglasses and t-shirts to a primarily young and creative demographic. College students, festival groups and vacation groups are amongst The Neon South's biggest buyers. To understand the company it is important to realize that what makes them unique is not just that they sell a product people want. It is also because of how they sell it. They don't just sell style, they serve it up stylishly.

If you want to inspiration for your ecommerce business, learn more below how neon tank top company, www.TheNeonSouth.com, carved a niche and capitalized on the niche of custom neon tank tops.

Carving a Niche in Neon Tanks

Neon South's success in carving a niche in custom clothing for a young and creative demographic is due to supplying and marketing a desirable product, well. Realizing that groups of young people wanted customised clothing to remember their shared experiences with, something more than you could buy in a gift shop, they set about creating the infrastructure to supply and market custom clothing to this niche.

Using the latest screen printing equipment and technology they ensured that they could deliver up to 5,000 shirts a day if needed. That ensured that the supply chain was good. Then they needed to ensure that they could engage with demand for their custom neon tank tops and other awesome products.

The Neon South have capitalised on their knowledge of the youth market to reach them through the communication avenues that young people use. They have a stylishly designed website which invites the users to get a quick quote or browse their range easily. They use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Googleplus and Linkedin to keep in touch with their customers and raise their profile.

Immersed in Their Target Market

Custom Tank TopsThe Neon South recruit campus reps, specifically those in the Greek system, to ensure that their products are marketed directly to their market. They make sure that their products are made with American products, ensuring that their customers money keeps US citizens employed and in work. Most importantly, they then deliver a quality product, quickly and professionally. Custom tank tops and custom neon tank tops are thus made easily accessible and desirable to the companies target market.

The company has developed further revenue streams by using their increased profile to market other products. As well as customised neon tank tops and t-shirts, the company also sells customised hats, fanny packs and other accessories. They have also developed their own range of t-shirts and tank tops, as well as a huge range of brightly designed sunglasses, ranging from simple neon wayfarers to an intricate aztec inspired range of patterned neon wayfarers. As the youth demographic continues to grow in importance, all signs indicate that The Neon South will continue to grow as well. So long as they maintain their unique range of products and unique way of marketing and delivering them, this company should go from strength to strength.


Carving a Niche in Embroidery Designs for Sewing Machines

There is no denying the fact that there are plenty of people around the world that love sewing and embroidery work. That being said, it’s also not necessarily something that many people would jump up and down saying that it was an incredibly exciting industry. T

herefore, it may seem to be incredibly difficult when it comes to marketing an embroidery website, as it could be a challenge to gain the type of traction that it needs to survive. However, a website like Windstar Embroidery has been able to gain a large following of dedicated users who rely on their embroidery designs for all of their sewing machine needs. Here’s a look at how they were able to turn their generic idea into an ecommerce success story that shows how any website can capitalize in their given market.

Easy To Use Materials

One of the highlights of Windstar Embroidery is that it provides materials for their customers that are incredibly easy to use. There are tons of different options to choose from for embroidery patterns, at which point a user then just has to click on the design and download it to their computer. From there, the user can easily then begin sewing their own design at home.

A Clear And Concise Embroidery Design Website

There is nothing more frustrating from a users point of view than coming across a website that is confusing or hard to navigate. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Windstar Embroidery website. Instead, the entire left side of this embroidery designs website includes design options to choose from, and each page has it’s own featured designs that are commonly used.

There are plenty of ecommerce sites out there that make it difficult for their users to navigate through the site, but this is a perfect example of how easier is certainly better. For an ecommerce site to be successful, they need to ensure that customers will stay interested with their site. And as proven here on this embroidery designs website, even if it’s something as simple as embroidery designs, a clear and concise website can make that happen. Scope out the Windstar Embroidery design website to see for yourself.

Many Options To Choose From

There are a ton of different embroidery designs to choose from with the Windstar Embroidery website. Other ecommerce websites can take note, as they must have a wide range of options to choose from if they want to continually draw in new customers that will stay interested. It doesn’t matter if a company is selling shoes, t-shirts, artwork, or, as in this case, embroidery designs, having plenty to choose from will increase the potential market that the company can target.

An embroidery design website may not be as attractive or interesting as other website options out there, but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be successful. As demonstrated through the efforts Windstar Embroidery, it’s all about how the website is developed and what is offered to the clients. If it’s something that interests them and its designed in an easy-to-use way, then the ecommerce website can rest assured knowing that they’ll begin gaining the traction they need to be successful.


Ecommerce Schema Markup for Product Reviews

Content that's submitted on your ecommerce site is of incredible value for both marketing and SEO. As an ecommerce store owner or marketer, you must always try to provide a space for testimonials and reviews of the products you offer.

In short, it is helpful to have reviews that are written and submitted by customers, and fore many reasons. Not only can good reviews motivate future sales, but when reviews are marked-up with Schema Product Review markup, you can improve search engine value of your reviews and enhance your ecommerce site's search engine listing.

How It Works

To enhance the way the reviews will be displayed, you will need to include a simple code within the review that has been submitted. In turn, this will be increasing the possibilities of showing your website on the top ranking of the search results. Also, it could be included in the top list of the Blue Widget Reviews.

Schema Produc Review

The reviews and ratings from Schema Product markup are not always displayed Google, nevertheless, when high ratings and reviews are displayed in the search engines they can make your site listing standout from the crowd. The rating and mark up of these ratings and reviews is on the basis of Schema protocol.

Using Schema

You will only be allowed to include the ratings for service or product reviews that have been submitted on your site and those that contain the ratings on the particular page. You should therefore include the highest customer rating from the customers on your site. To successfully achieve that, you can insert this code:

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Review">
<a itemprop="url" href="http://www.yoursite.com"><div itemprop="name"><strong>Your Product Review</strong></div>

Although this is a shortened version of Product Review Schema, it's the basis that can help with your ecommerce SEO and marketing efforts.

Schema Markup is a communication language that helps you better communicate your site's content to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because search engine bots can't always interpret content like a human, using Schema can define precisely what the content is all about.

When you use the appropriate coding for marking up the reviews, your search results will entail data that comes from different customers and the average rating will also be included. As you mark up your customer ratings, always keep these tips in mind:

  • The only reviews to be marked up are those that are given by your genuine customers and submitted on your site. Never duplicate reviews from a different site.
  • You must have the collective rating markup when you are collecting ratings with your reviews, because you will not be able to collect rating markup if the reviews have not been rated.
  • Also, you will not be able to use a review markup if your web page has no multiple services and products.
  • You will not use this program and software for adult-related services or product.
  • You should try to be realistic in the offer you place on your products, and also, ensure that the name of the customer is genuine and it should be their real name.

With Schema, as you mark up more content, also in return, you will make them be readable to search engines and the search engines will easily determine what the niche of the page. This software will help you increase your ecommerce site's SEO potential in the search results rankings.


Ecommerce SEO Site Audit: 5 Primary Elements of Powerful Audits

SEO AuditThe primary goal of an ecommerce SEO audit is to determine whether the ecommerce SEO program currently in effective is actually generating results. An SEO audit can also shed light on the performance of an online store, how conversion oriented the site is, and how well it's set-up for sustainable keyword rankings and flawless usability.

In this article, we share five primary elements that make up legit SEO audits for ecommerce sites. So lets dive right in.

1. Front-end SEO

An through ecommerce SEO audit on an online store will shed light on the effectiveness of the front-end SEO and how well keywords are used throughout the site. Proper use of keywords throughout the pages and internal linking are necessary if the site is to rank highly over the competition.

The part of the SEO audit will examine whether the URL follow the correct format. Are they user-friendly and short? Do they have the relevant keyword? A good strategy is to use hyphens rather than underscore. Also, subfolders should be used rather than sub domains.

2. Technical SEO

A website will achieve high rankings if it is properly optimized. This entails creating the right design, making it search-engine friendly, ensuring the content is unique and of top quality and much more. However, overtime, the content may lose its appeal. It will become part of the recycled material or common knowledge. Auditing helps to discovery such shortcomings.

3. Backlink Portfolio

Perhaps one of the most sensitive aspects of running an SEO audit for an ecommerce site is evaluating its backlink portfolio. In short order, you will need to leverage the power of backlinks to boost your website keyword rankings.

Links can come from all sectors which include videos, guest blogging, online group, articles and more. However, some of the links will be of low quality. Instead of improving traffic they will be hindering it. Local SEO audit will identify the effective and non-effective back links.

4. Competitive Review

When it comes to ecommerce SEO, the competition can be quite intense and challenging. In addition to the thousands of online stores trying to attain top keyword rankings on product focused keywords, getting into the top 5 and outranking the Amazon's and eBay's is no simple feat.

A thorough ecommerce SEO audit will take deep consideration into the competition and how achievable rankings are. A trusted SEO will advise not to target highly competitive keywords that are purely a pipe dream, but rather offer more attainable keyword ideas that can be actualized within a few months.

5. Social Media Marketing

The social media has become an essential component to ecommerce brand building, and even SEO. In addition to managing an active social media presence, good ecommerce site should incorporate social media into its web design to help build its followers. Social media should, at the very least, be acknowledged during an ecommerce SEO audit.

Social media serves as a powerful means to generate inbound traffic naturally. Aside from ecommerce SEO, leveraging evergreen content produced in-house can inspire potential customers to have your ecommerce brand top of mind. Some SEO research has shown that powerful social media presence translates to higher authority in Google search. Consider building a presence on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to maximize the SEO value of your ecommerce web presence.

Are there other elements that you find critical to ecommerce SEO audits, or SEO audits in general? Let us know in the comments below. Or to learn more about how to get a professional ecommerce SEO audit, visit ClickCentricSEO.com, a leading ecommerce SEO company that offers free, no obligation SEO audits.


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