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5 Aspects of SEO That New Startups Should Push Aside

SEO ConfusionSEO is very important when it comes to getting your ecommerce website found. It's so important, in fact, that you want to make sure you aren't putting much thought into it.

You read that right. When you're doing SEO, the first rule to remember is that the rules that worked last year likely won't work the same as they did today. This primarily because Google is always making tweaks to its algorithms, and it often targets effective SEO practices (that manipulate search results in SEO's favor) to make them either less effective, or potential penalty prone.

Some rules may always be valid. For instance, when you make a comment on somebody else's blog that actually sounds like you're adding something to the discussion, add a link to your own website if you can do it without looking like you're spamming.

Another example is updating your ecommerce site's content regularly with new ideas and fresh pages. This can help your SEO efforts, but should be apart of your overall online marketing strategy.

Where to Focus & What to Push Aside

In essence, don't fall for “black hat” tactics (like artificially going for the keywords whenever possible) that might work, but take some sketchy practice to achieve. Instead, push aside former SEO practices and embrace more holistic online marketing strategies that bring value to your website, business, and target market.

To help you understand what aspects of SEO to avoid, below are five common strategies that new ecommerce startups in particluar should push aside.

Push aside link building. There is software that can automatically build the links for you, but you want to avoid even that much because Google can tell if you're not doing it yourself. Make link building something you do by hand when you do it at all so that Google can see what you're not blindly going for as many links as you can get. Instead, focus on making your content so good that it won't really matter if Google suddenly decides to say, “Nevermind,” when it comes to counting backlinks.

Push aside the need/quest for #1 rankings. Basically, you shouldn't obsess about it. Everybody's going for the top spot, but you'll be doing good if you can get on the front page. Instead, design your content and your marketing strategy around what you would have done if Google never existed. The algorithms are getting better at reading your content like a human would, so if a visitor who is seeing your site for the first time can tell right away what it's about, so can Google.

Don't let yourself get talked into a strategy that doesn't feel right. Sometimes people will pretend to be SEO marketing experts and try to sell you services you don't need. Ignore them and that rulebook that was written a few years ago, before the Panda Update shakeup ever happened. Your business is about people, not Google, so you want to make sure you're not selling to a company that may not know or care that you exist.

Try localized SEO if you run a local business. You'll usually have better luck if you optimize for the people who search for women's clothing boutiques in Toronto or bookshops in Cleveland. You still want to make your website looks like you proofread, but in most cases, you'll get a better return on investment by applying local SEO strategies along with your online marketing efforts.

Don't freak out if you don't see results right away. Think of this as being like a good diet and exercise regiment for your website. You feed it quality content with wise use of keywords and bulk it up with frequent updates. It can take a couple of months to start noticing an increase in search engine traffic if you're using good tactics.

So good SEO is still doable, but you want to make sure you're basically not being obsessive about it and using outdated tactics. Instead, focus on greater ways to build and manage a web presence as a whole from a branding perspective, and worry less about keyword rankings and search engine performance.


The Facts on How Social Signals Contribute to SEO

Social Signals SEOFor the past few years, Google has been tight-tipped about the importance and the value of social signals in determining quality content. In the year 2014, they said that social signals are not an active component of their ranking algorithm. But this is the complete opposite of what they said in the year 2010.

Social signals are an important part of all kinds of digital marketing efforts. They have power to drive traffic naturally and through paid channels. But what are the effects of social signals on your SEO efforts? Below are some of the primary means in which social signals contribute to SEO.

Increased Traffic

The traffic originating from social signals is what Google likes seeing and you can easily turn the no-follow links in your social media profile into a real asset. Google will easily know that people are talking about your site through social media and there is a live person managing the social channels to maintain the engagement at higher levels.

After you have turned the social signals into social shares, real value will come to play. If your content is good, people will share it through their social networks and others will link to the content.

Link Acquisition

Links from your social channels have to go through a long way before carrying the weight of citation or editorial link. And link building should be a large part of serious SEO strategies. Natural links are important even though they are hard to earn and leverage.

But you should know that your social links have underlying authority and mostly if they originate from the trusted social networks. You can leverage them to increase the traffic in your website and to improve online visibility.

To benefit from the links, you have to be prepared. Ensure that you have optimized your pages to track and catch any traffic originating from your social networks. Check your social bios and profiles and ascertain that you have optimized them for optimal results with back links to your primary website.

Domain Authority Growth

Social signals can increase the overall authority of a website. Generally, the social signals have impact on the authority of a site’s domain which makes sense. While you will be directing more traffic to your website which you get from the trusted networks, it will increase the value and authority of your website. Google recognize social signals as brand signals which they like.

Tapping Into Social Chatter

The heightened importance of social signals in SEO marketing should prompt you to stepping up your web presence in the social media. Major social players continue making strides into SERPs. Social networks have millions of regular users and this is a resource that you should tap.

You should focus in making share-worthy content whether it’s an article, info graphic, survey or video and use it in attracting more attention in your social outlets. By making socially targeted and share-worthy content, you will be able to drive more traffic into your website and you will pass on the much needed social authority.

In addition, you should remain focused with social contacts. By commenting on industry forums and socials media posts, you will be able to drive even more traffic into your website. Social signals have a vital role in the launch and maintenance of successful SEO strategies and you should work to make the best out of your social links.


Creative Ways to Build Links for Ecommerce SEO

Creative Link Building Ecommerce SitesThe internet is a fairly crowded place, so much so that standing out from the masses can present a number of difficulties. Admittedly, there are numerous tools and strategies that one could deploy to make their ecommerce SEO efforts so much more effective.

Yet, more often than not, with the majority of ecommerce sites on the internet utilizing the exact same tools and strategies to achieve results, one must rely upon their creativity and imagination to make an impact online.

Why Link Building is Vital for Ecommerce SEO Success

Sure, you have every reason to keep building links the old fashioned way. You just have to accept the fact that you are not likely to get anywhere, no matter how hard you try. After all, the competition is so stiff online that most ecommerce firms more often than not depend upon luck to get that big break that catapults them to the top of the pyramid. Of course, the fact that those old and trusted ways of link building have, over time, proven ineffective shouldn’t cause despair. While you could hire an ecommerce SEO company, the courage to deploy more creative strategies to achieve results in your ecommerce SEO efforts, some of those creative means of link building including the following:


Try reaching out to and interviewing experts and influencers within the SEO and social media arena. The idea is to utilize the fame and clout of the individual in question to spread the fame of your own online resource, possibly even convincing the interviewee to share the interview on their website or social media platforms, in the process allowing you to tap into the considerable streams of traffic they probably enjoy.

Guest blogging

The purpose of guest blogging lies in enabling you to reach out to the audiences of more successful bloggers with the aim of eventually linking back to your own website. Few other ecommerce SEO techniques are as effective when it comes to increasing one’s visibility on the internet as guest blogging. The basic idea is to earn links back to your website.


Crafting a quiz might not sound like a particularly effective use of your time; however, quizzes are a very effective tools for creating quality links to your website. They force people to engage and take an interest, eventually trickling back to the source of the quiz, if only to satiate their curiosity. Of course, you have to remember to relate the quiz to your site.


If you want to rapidly build links for ecommerce SEO, consider sponsoring an event. Try to remember the fact that most conference websites list every single party sponsoring their event. The idea is to take advantage of the conference in question by drawing attention towards your online resource,


People love free things. Consider investing in promotions that provide users the opportunity to win free stuff. Creativity is important in this arena. From shirts to pens, this is an effective way of attracting and maintaining the interest of the online community.

When it comes to ecommerce SEO tactics, quality matters; which is why one of the easiest ways of building quality links is to create content that is compelling enough to attract interest, this along with posting quality reviews of products on other ecommerce sites with the aim of earning some decent links back. Inject effort into your ecommerce SEO activities and your hard work will manifest in the quality of your work.


Top SEO Auditing Solutions For Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce SEO Auditing SolutionsIf you own an ecommerce business, then it is often valuable to invest in ecommerce SEO solutions, particularly starting with an SEO site audit. An ecommerce site audit can reveal actionable insights and strategies on how to improve the SEO of your ecommerce site.

There are many ecommerce SEO companies that provide some great SEO auditing solutions for various types of online stores. While you could use SEO auditing software, the information of a professional and manually tailored SEO audit for your ecommerce site will help you to yield a greater return from your investment.

An ecommerce SEO audit can help reveal the opportunities and weakness of your online retail business and specific areas in which your team should concentrate on. Below are three trusted SEO auditing solutions designed specifically for ecommerce sites.

Click Centric SEO

Click Centric SEO is a full service ecommerce SEO company that can create ecommerce SEO campaigns especially customized and designed for your ecommerce business. Click Centric SEO is one of the best ecommerce SEO auditing solutions that you can use for your ecommerce website.

You can inquire about a free ecommerce SEO site audit on the company's website, which are manually generated from professional SEO experts. The ecommerce SEO auditing process reviews the content of the website, keyword usage, backlink profile, and also authority metrics of the site. Many more things are done. It is a highly beneficial solution which you should use for your ecommerce website. Visit www.clickcentricseo.com to learn more.

GU (Gray Umbrella) Marketing

Gray Umbrella) Marketing is another auditing solution which will help you to get details about the ecommerce website. You can evaluate i.e. rewrite content, optimize, create new content etc with the help of this. Even you can implement the industry research as well as share and create content.

You will be able to do thorough analysis with the help of this solution. Starting from ranking the website, getting traffic, analyse the overall search engine optimization campaign to building domain authority, all are possible with the help of this SEO auditing solution. Check out GU marketing to get more information on what they offer.


Volusion is a great ecommerce SEO service that provides some of the best features to get the full audit of the website in a short period of time. The services include on-page and off-page search engine optimization. This solution comes with a 14 days trial version.

You can get more information from their official website. It has 3 packages and you can choose anyone based on the needs and preferences. You can choose either Starter SEO package, advanced SEO package or the custom SEO package. All these options are great and you can choose depending on the size of your ecommerce website. Visit www.volusion.com for more information.


So, you can try any one of the above SEO auditing solutions for your ecommerce website. With the help of these solutions you can increase the visibility of your website as well as this will help in increase of the traffic and sell. Thus for better business and getting better ROI this is something very important.

This will help you to know and understand that the investment you are doing on your website is going to be fruitful. You will be able to get more prospective clients and customers for the website. thus it will help you in expanding the business more and more.


Actionable Tips to Optimize Social Media Profiles for SEO

Social SEO OptimizationSocial media sites can help you improve the SEO potential of your brand. But for this, first of all, you need to improve the set-up, content, and structure of your social media profiles.

Optimizing social media profiles for SEO is done in many ways. However, one of the most important is to ensure that you have a link on each of your profiles directing to your ecommerce site (which should be common sense for those familiar with basic ecommerce SEO.)

Below are a few other methods to optimize your social media presence for SEO.

First, Establishing Proper Linking to Your Social Profiles

Use the following tips for to improve the linking structure of your social media profiles (which will help direct new followers and SEO opportunities to these properties):

  • Include the links in the emails you send
  • Links profiles with each other
  • Get back links from other sites like slideshare.net

Social Profile Optimization

Below are tips to optimize popular social profiles, namely Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will discuss the strategies for each profile link step by step. Some general tips include:

  • Use quality branded photos for improving your brand exposure
  • Post updates on a regular basis to stay in touch with your fans
  • Make sure the profiles are complete i.e., all the necessary fields are filled. This will make a good impression


  • Aside from profile and cover photo, add a lot more photos in the album telling the world more about yourself. Get the vanity URL as well.
  • Update your profile at least once in 24 hours. If possible, post updates on an hourly basis. Use hashtags as well.
  • In the page info area, write down the history, mission, awards and services of your company for example.
  • To highlight more content, you can use custom tabs. Examples of this type of content are feeds from other profiles like YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.


  • Promote your brand through the profile pictures and the image for the header.
  • Make sure the profile gets updated on a regular basis. If possible, update it 3-4 times per day. Don’t forget to leave hashtags.
  • Content should be a mix of photos, tweets and videos.


  • Make use of quality branded photos, and get the vanity URL too.
  • You should include links to other profiles in the About section of your YouTube profile.
  • Upload videos whenever you can, weekly or monthly basis. Use video playlists too.


  • On Pinterest, you can upload a branded profile picture. The picture will be small, so make sure you upload an image that can be easily seen at this size.
  • Next, create a lot of relevant boards and put a lot of content on the profile.
  • Don’t forget to add quality descriptions to the pins.


  • On your LinkedIn profile, you can upload a banner picture and a company logo.
  • Create quality content and put it in the information section on your LinkedIn profile’s Home tab. Also, you can take benefit from the “Showcase Pages”.


  • Instagram allows you to post both images and videos. So, use quality images and videos on the profile to attract as many visitors as possible.
  • The images and videos should have descriptions. Don’t forget to use hashtags, as they are of great help.

So, these were some easy to follow tips to help you improve the SEO potential of your social media profiles. With a little effort on a daily basis, you can achieve the desired success and enhance your overall social media marketing efforts, in addition to your ecommerce SEO strategy.


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