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6 Usability Tips to Better Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

 Ecommerce Website UsabilityEcommerce websites are increasing at a fast rate and this has necessitated the development of more appealing websites in order to maintain high sales. Ecommerce has no boundaries and allows enthusiastic shoppers to purchase products at their convenience.

Any online store which wants to get more customers has to make a very user friendly website which is appealing to customers. However, most of the ecommerce websites fail to meet the primary reason for their website i.e. ensuring easy shopping for customers. This article provides guidelines aimed at helping you make a more usable website.

Developing an Intuitive Navigation

An ecommerce website should be kept simple to avoid confusing the customer. A complex navigation structure makes potential customers look for other simpler ecommerce websites to purchase the desired product. Keeping the navigation structure neat ensures a smooth and effortless browsing which encourages customers to continue exploring the website and end up becoming regular customers. A good navigation structure enables customers easily locate information, do comparison between products, and make payment with minimum clicks.

Optimizing the Ever-Powerful Homepage

The homepage of an ecommerce website creates a first and lasting impression for shoppers who visit a website. The homepage should help visitors find what they are looking for immediately they get there. If an ecommerce website has offers, they should show up in the homepage. It is also important to display numerous products in the homepage so that you do not narrow down customer’s choices from the start.

Populating Product Pages

Product page should use a clearly visible font type, font color, and have the right combination of colors to ensure that visitors do not have any problem in finding details of products. Each item on product pages should have a purpose so as to make it easy for the customer to find relevant information in the shortest time possible.

Creating a Seamless Shopping Cart

For visitors to trust a ecommerce website, security of the personal details should be guaranteed. A website with a trust certificate is more trusted by customers because it assures them of security. A shopping cart button is usually the final action button of an ecommerce website. It should therefore be designed with a good shape, font and color so that it triggers final action from a shopper.

Optimizing Search Functionality

This functionality helps customers easily find what they are looking for hence making their shopping experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. The search functionality saves a buyer the labor of going from one page to the other while reading the every product before locating the desired product.

Buying Without the Need to Register

Long tedious sign up processes before purchase usually turns most shoppers off. Customers should only be asked to fit crucial details only, like email address and password. It is also good to allow customers to check out the products first without having to register, and then registering later when making purchase. This improves customer retention and reduces cat abandonment.

For success of any ecommerce website, customer experience improvement is very important. The website should be kept simple while meeting the client’s expectations. This helps to transform potential clicks to final payments and also increases likelihood of the customer revisiting the website in future.

For more usability tips and resources to better optimize your ecommerce site for conversions, SEO, and other aspects of your ecommerce site, visit www.ClickCentricSEO.com. Here they offer free audits for ecommerce SEO and usability.


Website Optimization: Going Beyond Traditional SEO Practices

The search landscape for most keywords is getting competitive with every passing day. Thousands of companies and people are trying to optimize their website to get high ranking in search engines.

However, the process of "website optimization" is not all about keyword optimization and building backlinks. It's also about creating a cohesive web presence that offers exceptional user value and brand credibility.

You need to be really innovative and have to think outside the box to get maximum potental for your website. If you are looking for profession and dependable way to optimize your website, you should be aware of the four indicators that define solid website optimization.

Social Integration: The Latest Trend in Website Optimization

The search engine algorithm of Google is ever changing. The most important element that has profound impact on keyword ranking is social media like Facebook Likes, Google Plus One, Twitter Tweets, LinkedIn Shares etc. So it is very important that you go for social media marketing for your website.

It would be wiser to incorporate social sharing icons on the content that you are sharing with users. Social media optimization has a very deep impact on SEO and it will definitely help you get the top rankings provided you use this service in the correct manner.

Content Creation: Write High Quality & Innovative Content

One of the best ways for website optimization is developing high quality content on various topics and issues for the users concerned. Content creation is still the king in SEO and you cannot deny it. The only thing that is changing is the context and application of content and nothing else.

Creating rich keyword rich pages for the website will not help you now. For better optimization of the website, the content should be engaging and insightful. There are many ways for natural optimization of your site and generate traffic like infographics, content curation, posting videos etc. The content should be relevant to the topic and instead of using one keyword, use multiple keywords in the webpage.

Conversion Orientation: CRO is the Key

What separates a good website from the rest sites is realizing great conversions. You need to use a strategy that should have a focussed approach in overall conversion rate optimization or CRO. The primary objective behind CRO is to create Call to Action (CTA) in the website itself.

If you have an e-commerce website, then make an “Add to Cart” button that is easily visible to users. You should have a good understanding of your target market and it will help in making sales not just generating traffic for your site. CRO is an imperative part of this equation and you should take it seriously for better website optimization.

Use Wordpress to Improve Website Visibility in Search Engine

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on internet and Wordpress is the main host. It is a very important platform that offers sophisticated functions to a website and it is fairly simple at the same time. Wordpress offers a lot of inbuilt SEO friendly plug-ins that you can easily add to the blog platform.

There are many templates available and you need to pick the one that has the right appearance for your site. The urls are short and you can change the permalinks of any post or page. You can engage readers with comments. There is comment box available where users can leave comments. The best thing about Wordpress is that the content is indexed very quickly and you can get instant ranking in Google or other search engine.

Website optimization has undoubtedly become an important tool in pushing the website to the top positions in search engine ranking. To gain better visibility and drive traffic for your site, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned above. For more insights and resources, visit the website optimization company, WebPresenceGroup.net/


3 Attributes that Define Proficient Website Optimization Companies

Website Optimization CompaniesRecent changes in Google have resulted in the penalization of several over-optimized websites. These sites have lost their previous high ranking due to excessively optimized backlinks. In fact, several web optimization companies have now come under Google's hammer and this has resulted in the removal of their clients' websites from search results.

Consequently, it has become quite difficult to identify and choose a reliable website optimization company. So to help you select a high quality website optimization company to work with, we have written this post containing some of the most important qualities to look for.

An Updated and Effective Link Building Strategy

Excessive keyword optimization no longer works as a good link building strategy. Several SEO campaigns have failed because of this. Now, what works is a balanced backlink strategy. This will ultimately lead to consistent high ranking in Google's search results. The question is: what makes up a balanced backlink strategy?

Reliable SEO and website optimization companies have modified their backlink strategies to adapt to the latest change in Google's algorithm (code named Penguin). So, rather than create only backlinks containing the same phrase in the link and anchor text, it is more effective to adopt a diversified backlink strategy. This will usually consist of the following:

  • A combination of backlinks to be followed, like those in authority sites with very high page ranks, and other less important links, like those in blog comments.
  • Varied anchor text that consists of partially included keywords. This is known as partial linking.
  • Adding the URL or domain name to the anchor text. This is a natural but effective way to create links.
  • The use of contextual relevancy. This involves the building of links from sources that are relevant to the anchor text and URL destination.

When looking for a top notch SEO provider or web optimization company, request for information on their link building system. The companies that make use of blog networks targeted at the right niche usually give their clients excellent results. The articles on these blogs are relevant to the client's niche and the backlinks are built with a combination of varied anchor text.

In addition, a reliable SEO company will use the time tested techniques like article directory submissions, guest blogging, blog commenting and active social media networking. In other words, a well diversified and naturally built backlink system is what you must look out for.

Technical Knowledge of Optimized Web Design

Apart from building quality backlinks, keyword optimized pages and well written meta tags, a professional website optimization company will have the technical know-how to discover and correct any weaknesses in your website design.

For instance, the HTML coding of your website needs to properly be optimized for search engines. Some SEO companies and web design firms don't take the impact of poorly optimized code produced by several content management systems (CMS) into consideration. In addition, web pages containing a lot of slow-loading Flash content can lead to poor rankings on search engines. This is because such websites will result in inefficient crawling and slow indexing by the search engines' spiders.

Therefore, you should get adequate information about the level of technical expertise the SEO company has. If they use a content management system, find out how SEO friendly it is. A reliable web optimization company will be able to give you details about their CMS capabilities as soon as you ask.

Effective Communication Skills

Every reliable SEO company should have effective communication skills. Here are a few questions to use to rate a company's communication skills:

  • Do they have a frequently updated blog that provides current information on the trends in the industry?
  • Are high quality keyword optimized articles placed on their clients' websites?
  • Do they make comprehensive monthly reports available to clients? The reports should have website statistics and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Are they actively using social media network marketing and other web marketing strategies?

Since effective communication is so vital, you should strive to know as much as possible about your website optimization company before you sign any contract agreements. If you are not convinced about the capabilities of any company, it is better to strike the company off your list of potential SEO providers.


5 Website Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Companies

A strategic and comprehensive website optimization strategy for any ecommerce company is the foundation for better search engine optimization (SEO). The key is to focus on your site first and standing by your responsibility to internet users. Search engines will eventually appreciate it leading to better SEO performance. For ecommerce companies, the end product of website optimization is CRO (or "conversion rate optimization.")

Your time, effort and money spent on your company's website optimization efforts would all be useless without converting traffic into sales.

Website optimization, for many ecommerce companies is more than just keyword optimization and SEO. You must understand that there's more to optimizing your company's website than keywords and SEO, but rather your complete web presence. This involves optimizing almost every aspect of your company's website.

Beyond keywords, below are some of other uncommon website optimization techniques for ecommerce companies:

1. Improving Website Load Speed

Many websites fail because of too forceful HTML codes. Basically, the more complicated your HTML structure is, the slower your website loads and we all know that internet users hate it. Nobody would wait for a minute or two just to see your site because there are other competitors out there. It's probably time for you to get an expert, keep your HTML simpler and get rid of non-crawler friendly codes.

2. Optimizing Media Files

Though spiders are designed to index HTML codes, these have improved a lot over the years. Today, it's easier for robots to read non-text files but content in rich media files including photos, videos, flash files and images are still harder to analyze. It would be best top just use the best medial files if you really need them on your ecommerce site.

3. Fixing Improper Redirects

How many times your site did lost possible traffic because of mishandled redirects? You will be surprised if you'll hire an SEO expert to analyze your site statistics. Redirections and inbound linking can be improved using HTML and other technicalities utilized by SEO companies.

4. Optimizing URLs

If you're going to look online, you'll see long and short URLs. Try to compare URLs of the top ten sites on Google for a particular inch to those placed down under. You'll see that the URLs of what Google considers as the best sites are simpler and more search engine friendly.

5. Enhancing Site Structure & Crawlability

There are various aspects on how to make website more crawlable and this has been the objective of website optimization over the years. One of the simplest but forgotten techniques is the use of canonical tags. Tags like these give direction to search spiders and ultimately signify which page is of the primary importance (for SEO.)

Website optimization for ecommerce companies is surely not a walk in the park but if you will educate yourself and take the necessary actions, it's also possible for you to get to the top of search engine rankings. Your company's website optimization efforts and determination will surely pay off in the future.


Product Page Development Tips for Ecommerce Optimization

Ecommerce Conversion OptimizationWhether you own a land based business or an ecommerce store, you still want to make sure that every customer that walks in or visits your website is a converted sale. With ecommerce, the best way to do this is to carry our CRO (conversion rate optimization) on when developing product page.

Every business website can be optimized such that it appeals more to the impulse shopper in whomever visits the landing page. This often involves a great deal of CRO testing and could include trying out various versions of the same site just to see which one works best. The intricacies of CRO are quite abundant but as a rule of thumb, the following should be adhered to at the most basic of levels if CRO success if to be achieved.

Clear Call-to-Actions

This is perhaps the most important area as far as product page optimization is concerned. Unfortunately, most business owners are unclear on what to do here. A call to action button is basically an instructions manual as to what you want the client to do once they have landed on the product page. This should be made very clear, prominent and preferably above the fold of your product page.

The text/copy is also very important. If you want the client to buy something, write something like 'Buy Now' or 'Click To Buy' and if your intention is to get the client to sign up for a newsletter feed or for further information use 'Sign Up Here' or 'Get More Information'. The point is, it should be very clear to the client what action the button leads to.

Quality Product Images

These images are the first visual interaction your potential client is going to have when undergoing product page development. They need to be of the highest possible quality for the client will associate that with the actual product. If the image is blurry, has poor lighting or composition, the client will subconsciously relate that to the quality of value they will get from using the product. Bright colors attract and excite ecommerce shoppers. Make sure these product images portray a clear picture and are designed in such a way as to prompt someone to want to own one.

Unique and Compelling Copy/Text

In ecommerce, content is king. This is your sales pitch to the client. Besides the other integral bits like your search engine rank depending on the quality and relevance of your text/copy, this is the one thing that your client uses to decide whether or not to buy from you. The copy should clearly highlight to the potential buyer the product features and various benefits that they stand to receive by using your product. Statistics show that a landing page has only 8 seconds to grab the visitors attention. Make the text simple, striking and outstanding. Something that prompts the client to stay and read on, not mundane everyday information.

Product Highlight Videos

People more often than not will opt to watch a short video on about the product rather than read a long 'pros and cons' text about it. The most compelling videos are those of the product being used in real life. This leads the client to identify with the product as part of their home as well as learn more about it. Besides, chances are that if someone else is using it, then it must be good. That is the normal human thinking.

In essence, CRO is an absolute necessity for ecommerce websites, that is not in contention. It is how you go about it that determines your sales conversion rate.


Solid Ecommerce Directories for Quality, SEO-friendly Backlinks

Ecommerce SEO LinksBacklinks are still the most important aspect in an ecommerce SEO campaign. By generating backlinks to a website, you are able to gain higher authority, trust and thus rankings for your ecommerce.

With ecommerce SEO, you can choose from several linking building practices available out there that will help you rank your ecommerce websites. Take note that one of the easiest ways in acquiring high - quality links is using those general or specific niches. Then, this is where ecommerce directories come in because these directories would be responsible not only for higher ranking, but also in generating potential traffic and potential sales leads.

What can you do?

You know that a major part of your ecommerce SEO success will always depends or relies from the organic rankings in any search engines, so your main priority is to use the best ecommerce directories. Although, some of these directories are not working or dead, but you must take time researching them in the first place and looking for alternative links that are working.

Bear in mind that these directory will hold and help your link to build its weight on any search engines. Therefore, you must not stop until the end. Literary, thousands of these links are available online, but there are not 100% working, so do not dwell on these and look for others. However, there are some good directories online that help for ecommerce SEO, and these are as follows:

1) Elib.org - is an international ecommerce directory that has a page ranking of 5. This directory has a friendly - user interface that allows your potential or current customers to pick and get all kinds of products, goods, and services online. This directory has a safe window, so online shoppers worldwide are safe and secure when they are shopping in your website. This also provides shopping services related to computers and games, clothing and accessories, and pets.

2) Ecommercedirectory.net - is another web directory that has a page ranking of 3, aims to increase your websites or online businesses, boost and increase your earnings by providing you the platform for e - ecommerce related resources, links, and businesses. They have easy features of the indexes of e - commerce related links including technology vendors, internet marketing, customer relationship management, strategy and many more. They also help e - commerce businesses to lessen their advertising cost while increasing their sales at the same time.

3) Dmoz.org - is the newest innovation of the Open Directory Project that is one of the most comprehensive and largest human - edited online ecommerce directories. The contrition and maintenance of this directory depend solely on the immeasurable and international community of volunteer editors. All important features in this directory are simple and easy to use, so you don't need deeper knowledge in using this directory. This directory also has the Open Source Movement, so submitting your major directory is 100% free.

There, you have it! Ecommerce directories can attract business participants, potential consumers, as well as earn backlinks for SEO. You don't have to worry about your audiences because these directories will take care of it. This is also the place where you can develop your resources and help establish a better SEO campaign. As a result, using ecommerce directories always make a big influence in generating traffic, leads, and customers!


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