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How to Conduct an SEO Backlink Audit

Ecommerce SEO Site Audit SEO has now become one of the most important marketing channels in generating quality website traffic and cultivating a strong online presence. Most forms of SEO involve a number of technical details, all of which are important to consider if you want to build a strong SEO-friendly website.

One of these technical details is backlinks (or inbound links, external links, or just plain "links.") Backlinking is one of the most important aspects of SEO and determining high ranking websites. From a technical SEO perspective, a backlink strategy entails a process of analyzing links that are directed to a website.

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Alternatively, it is the owner or the analyst keeping track of how many redirections from other sources divert to his or her own webpage. In terms of importance, this is a key indicator of the particular website's popularity through external or indirect sources.

This is because the number of quality backlinks leading to your website is a factor that influences the ranking of the website in related search results. In the end results, backlinking is an ingredient to the popularity of the webpage.

Conducting an SEO Backlink Audit

An SEO backlink audit can be viewed as the “house cleaning” of your backlinks. It is a review of your current situation and an opportunity to move forward with a better plan. This link analysis, when done right, brings about valuable information regarding the performance of your website.

You may find it useful to conduct a backlink audit if: you want to identify your competitive edge as well as your faults, you want to improve your backlink building strategy, you want to understand your competitions' strategies, and more. In these cases, you will find that analyzing the current backlink situation may be of importance.

Why? For starters, this analysis is critically important as a general assessment tool. In any project, assessment is a key tool. It allows the management to zero in on potential opportunities and close up on their shortcomings.

Pinpointing Poor Quality Backlinks

It is an improvement strategy that requires a thorough analysis of the current situation in order to plan a way forward. A website that undergoes backlink auditing is likely to avoid any potential damage control which may result in penalties. This auditing process diverts this potential mishap by locating and exposing low quality and inappropriate links that may attracts those penalties. After locating them, the process of elimination follows, which keeps the website safe from penalties that may decrease the website's popularity in ranking.

Additionally, the audit gives important insight regarding where the website is doing good. For instance, which websites are linking to yours? Finding out such information is key in adopting an appropriate and strategic SEO to attract more visitors both directly and indirectly. This also allows you to try different tactics, preferably SEO, to improve your website's ranking.

At the end of the auditing process, your website has undergone a health check that is imperative to its survival. Ridding of unwanted links that may potentially bring down the website and improving on the faults is one way to ensure that you are running a well functioning website. Alternatively, identifying strong and quality backlinks gives insight into what to do better in order to improve ranking and increase traffic to the site.


5 Leading Providers of Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO SolutionsDigital marketing companies that specialize in offering ecommerce SEO services often play a key role in the success or failure of online stores. Most ecommerce SEO companies spend a lot of time and effort trying to understand and customize the right approach to ecommerce SEO for their clients.

While many companies that offer ecommerce SEO solutions have a systematic approach to serving clients, some offer a unique display of services and programs that distinguish themselves from other firms. Among the most creative and innovative of these SEO companies, here are the 5 leading providers of ecommerce SEO services.

1. ClickCentricSEO.com

Topping the list of ecommerce SEO service providers is ClickCentricSEO.com, an online marketing company that specializes in ecommerce SEO, ecommerce web design & development, email marketing, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing. ClickCentricSEO provides comprehensive SEO strategies customized to bring more online traffic and increased sales to your ecommerce site. They also offer free SEO audits for prospective ecommerce sites, which analyze input and returns on each SEO strategy used in marketing their businesses online. This plays a key role in improving customer loyalty.

2. WebiMax.com

WebiMax.com focuses in ecommerce SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Web Presence Optimization and a number of other key strategies to boost your site rankings. It is one of the few online marketing companies with revenue hitting above $10 million. WebiMax experts also provide technical help to website owners in matters concerning digital marketing for their online stores. It is for this reason that this leading company finds its way on the top two of our list of leading providers of SEO services for ecommerce.

3. Boostability.com

A longtime provider of digital marketing solutions for online businesses, Boostability.com is probably the most popular of the ecommerce service providers. However, this does not make it the best in this industry. Boostability ranks third on this comprehensive list of SEO for ecommerce service providers. Apart from ecommerce SEO strategies, Boostability.com also provides content marketing services, web development and local SEO programs. These are provided to improve your site visibility on search engine programs such as Google and Yahoo Search.

4. ThinkBIGsites.com

ThinkBIGsites is a strong performer in Search Engine Optimization. The company’s main area of focus includes Integrated Search (SEO & PPC) and Local SEO. These experts in both on and off page SEO strategies have been in the business since 2007 and boast of clients such as Bunn Coffee and Candy.com who delegate their SEO marketing requirements on a regular basis. ThinkBigSites is a digital company that is worth appearing on this top list of SEO service providers.

5. VGJInteractive.com

Lastly on our list of top SEO service providers for ecommerce business is VGJInteractive.com, an online marketing firm that also specializes in ecommerce web development, ecommerce reputation management, ecommerce pay per click management and other SEO strategies that are aimed at increasing sales on your web pages. The experts at VGJInteractive.com will also help you in getting gainful ratings and reviews on your web pages with their personalized ecommerce web design platforms.

These are the top 5 companies that provide top-quality ecommerce SEO strategies for their clients. Remember that the main aim of using online marketing strategies is to increase sales to your business. You can easily reach out to thousands of potential clients and online users by making use of effective ecommerce SEO strategies provided by any of these 5 companies.


4 Cornerstones to Recruiting a Company for SEO Services

What do the most proficient and highly-sought SEO firms have in common? What are the traits should businesses look for before recruiting an SEO company?

Hiring SEO Company Services

While the process of selecting the right SEO company can be daunting (especially if you are swamped by offers from countless SEO service providers,) it does not have to be overwhelming. Here are 4 eye-opening tips that will pave the way in recruiting the right company for SEO services.

1. Evaluate Your Organization's SEO Needs

Most SEO companies offer multiple services ranging from SEO audits, link building, and retargeting, to reputation management and social bookmarking. By initially determining what your firm needs, you can tailor your search to specific entities that offer the given services.

Some SEO firms may not offer all the services you need. Your organizational goals can help in clarifying the pending need for an SEO service. For instance, if you are a start-up that simply needs to increase traffic to your website, then you can have a clear checklist to start out with in your search for a firm.

By setting a clear goal, you can narrow your engagement with prospective SEO firms to specific objectives that should form the basis of your interactions. Essentially, goals need to be measurable as this helps to eliminate grey areas and determine the level of success after outsourcing your services.

2. Screen Prospective SEO Companies Via Multiple Consultations

As a pre-selection criterion, have a sit down with various firms offering SEO services. Businesses usually conduct applicant assessments to determine their suitability for a given role. In the same vein, treat your consultation as an attempt at determining a firm’s credentials and suitability.

Generally, SEO firms are likely offer you a no-obligation consultation and warm up to you, as they perceive this as an opportunity to get some leads. This opportunity will also be ideal for you in determining whether the firm’s staffers are likeable, and as such, whether you will have a good time working with them.

Thereafter, the SEO company will make you an offer indicating their pricing for the services you desire. Consider doing this with other firms to get a better feel of the pricing and other comparative nuances. You can then narrow down to the most suitable entity to outsource your firm’s SEO needs.

Remember to keep these consultations discreet, but also ask the right questions to get what you need. You do not want all the firms you are consulting to catch wind of your maneuvering, as this may not enhance competitiveness among them.

3. Make Use of Referrals

Satisfied customers often make the best marketers. The best way for an SEO firm to stand out is to have credible references-similar entities that they have worked with and the success such firms have attained in the process.

Such customers can vouch for the SEO firm by depicting the firm’s credibility and success. If an SEO firm does not have a list of successful clients it has worked with, then you need to shop elsewhere. How else would you know that the SEO firm has been successful in the past when it does not have tangible evidence?

Although it may not be a general rule, past performance of an SEO firm can be a good indicator that the firm will successfully execute your job.

4. Assess The SEO Company's Experience

The key to hiring the right SEO company is in getting all the relevant information regarding the firm. This may entail its background, success and expertise. You need to listen to an SEO firm’s story – its founding, its client experiences, bottlenecks in doing its job, and its growth over time.

By assessing these innate details, you can make a more grounded decision about whether to hire such a firm. Often, how a firm has handled jobs in the past and its experience can be a precursor of what you can expect when your hire such an organization.

Hiring the right SEO service provider requires meticulous care on the part of the hiring firm. By evaluating your needs, screening SEOs, making use of referrals, and assessing the SEO firm’s expertise, you can get a better feel of what to expect, minimize making any mistakes and thereby make the right recruiting decision.


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