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Curb "Quality Score" to Enhance Your PPC Campaigns

Below we underscore the importance of quality score for PPC campaign management and optimization.

What's Keyword Quality Score?

Keyword quality score is a range between 1 to 10. One to five is low, whereas seven to ten is high. As PPC campaign manageer, you'll want to strive for an average of seven to ten across your PPC keyword targets in order to minimize cost per click (CPC) and run an efficient PPC campaign.

Factors Influenced by Quality Score

Position in the Search Engines - The position of the advert in the search engines is decided by your quality score. Adverts that are of poor quality will have trouble featuring on page one.

Bid Prices - The price of one click upon your adverts additionally depends upon your quality score. Badly scored ads might be priced less, yet ultimately are inefficient. However, highly scored adverts might be priced more yet possess a higher conversion rate.

Display Network Rank - Within the AdWords settings, there's the choice to opt in Google's display network. If you choose to do this, it's vital that the adverts are highly scored as they'll be faced with tough competition from additional advertisers and those higher scoring ads are going to get the top positions upon the display network sites.

Ways to Improve Keyword Quality Score for a Better PPC Campaign

1. Advert and Keyword Relevance: The copy of an advert, keywords and landing page utilized to trigger an advert ought to be relevant to one another.

2. High Quality on Landing Page: The search engines expect the consistency and quality of a landing page to compliment that of the copy and keywords of the advert. If the adverts are triggered by keywords that surround 'blog themes,' as well as that the landing page has data concerning 'blog hosting', and the quality score of the adverts will reduce as a consequence.

3. Keyword Relevancy within Search Engines: Keywords will be tagged as 'low,' 'medium,' and 'high' density and you will discover that a few keywords contain no search value whatsoever. AdWords will advise on keyword value and if you fill the campaign with keywords that are of low value, your quality score is going to suffer. Therefore, carefully choose your keywords. Be certain they're really being searched for.

4. Pick the Proper Device: If you're promoting a mobile application with the AdWord campaign, it's reasonable to wish for most of your adverts to be displayed upon a smart phone. If your site isn't optimized for hand-held devices, clicks from those sources are going to be a waste of money. Utilize the setting in order to target the proper device.

5. Geography: Even though the details are vague, search engines claim the geographical location of adverts and your targeted audience will impact the quality score.

6. CTR (Click Through Rate): This measures how many times the adverts are clicked upon as compared with how many times there're shown. If the advert is displayed 100 times and gets only a single click its click through rate is 1%. It indicates poor performance; the quality score is going to be affected accordingly.

7. Effective Keyword Grouping: Every keyword group ought to have a collection of about10 - 30 linked phrases or words. It'll boost your quality scores and help with disciplined campaign management. By utilizing multiple keyword groups you will have the ability to target various landing pages, as well as optimize the advert copy. These all will impact the quality rating.

Want to learn more about quality score for better PPC campaign management? Visit the WebPresenceGroup.net for tips and insights to better optimize and manage your PPC campaigns.


4 SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Software Platforms for Your Online Store

SEO-Friendly Ecommerce SoftwareAre you thinking of launching a new ecommerce store? Looking to compare various CMS platforms to operate your online store? If your answer is yes to both the questions, you will need to consider a lot of different elements before selecting the right one for your store.

However, you should give a high priority to the built-in SEO features available with the platform. The reason for focusing on SEO? Because that's how a user searching the Internet for the product is going to land into your online store. This added SEO functionality will help your store get ranked well in the search rankings and be crawled easily by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, how do the various platforms compare with each other in terms of SEO features? The following list helps demystify the critical differences of ecommerce software solutions that offer SEO-friendly platforms:


BigCommerce is growing in popularity, given its large range of templates, an intuitive dashboard along with plenty of excellent SEO features. The key differentiators associated with this platform are:

1. H1 tags are incorporated on the page level

2. Built-in no-follow support

If you want a self hosted option, you may opt for Interspire Shopping Cart, which is a product of the same company behind BigCommerce. Both of these solutions have a great track record of getting good rankings in the search engines.


If you aren't looking to go for a hosted solution, Magento is a free to download, open source solution for creating an online store. The platform is known for its robustness and high returns on SEO efforts because of the HTML simplicity and site structure it follows.

A large variety of add-ons are offered by the community members, and many free and premium templates are available to download. Not just that, it can be hosted anywhere and accessed even via mobile devices. The only downside, however, is that it would need an experienced developer to handle the whole process, since it could be a bit tricky to setup by yourself.


Volusion is considered by many as one of the most widely used ecommerce software platforms out there. It offers a number of different pricing levels in order to accommodate the online retailers during all the stages of business growth. Along with that, the program includes a huge list of features, including: dynamically-generated SEO-friendly URLs and specific SEO settings for pages based on store/product/category/article themes.

Although these kind of features might be easier to implement, the Volusion membership additionally includes 24x7 professional support along with the access to a support community. This can be really helpful for the newcomers to the online retailing scene, who don't want to learn about using the complex open-source ecommerce platforms.


The final spot in this list goes to the paid solution that is rapidly building a following, given its easy-to-use user interface and design features along with a large theme store. However, Shopify isn't comparable to the other platforms in terms of strong ecommerce SEO functionality (like creating public sitemaps or editing robot.txt file); it does provide an integrated blogging service which proves as an advantage over its competitors. A business blog will not only help in creating a good user experience and building relationships with the customers, but is also helpful in providing an extra keyword exposure for ecommerce SEO.


Top 3 Ecommerce SEO Tools for Search Marketing Service Providers

Ecommerce SEO Services ToolsEcommerce SEO is the new green field for greater yields, but greater rewards can only result from proper and methodical application of the right ecommerce SEO tools. With informed usage of SEO resources and tools, ecommerce can be a smooth ride characterized by impressive insights, unprecedented efficiency and fundamental gains.

These SEO tools also help to inspire prioritization of SEO tasks and pinpointing weaknesses in SEO efforts. So, just what are the most critical ecommerce SEO tools that can boost returns from online stores? Below we share the top three SEO tools for ecommerce SEO service providers.

Link Assistant's SEO PowerSuite

The advanced SEO PowerSuite from Link Assistant comes with 4 critical software programs for optimizing ecommerce SEO by targeting specific SEO sub-sets. The software programs included in this tool are invaluable in on-page and off-page applications and in reporting and analysis of keywords.

The first software program component of the PowerSuite is the SEO SpyGlass. The SpyGlass conducts comprehensive scans through all the backlinks directed at specific domains and generates reports that include Google PageRanks for all the sources, backlinks source data metrics and anchor texts for backlinks, among others.

The second program is the Rank Tracker that enhances keyword reporting process through seamless checks of the keyword rankings of the domain. After running checks, the program compiles clean reports of the results that are invaluable deliverables which can be shared with other people.

The third program is called the Link Assistant. The program reduces the strains involved in SEO link building by indicating relevant links and sites and making linking to partners even easier.

The fourth software program is the Website Auditor, which runs scans in order to evaluate website content and the entire SEO quality of the specific domain. Such audits are invaluable in the detection and removal of broken lines, duplicate content and other content problems that hamper proper ecommerce SEO performance.

Moz' Open Site Explorer

This SEO tool developed by the reputable Moz.org team is web-based emphasis on link data and information related to backlinks of specific domains. The program covers metric-based backlinks sources like the domain authority and link. The program also introduces social networking benefits through social signals gathered from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Open Site Explorer is quite easy to use and has become a highly popular and free tool. With continuous growth of off-page SEO elements, the social signals and data surrounding backlinks become more valuable and in turn accord Open Site Explorer a prominent place.


This is a premier ecommerce SEO services tool for paid search advertising and impressive SEO returns. It simplifies the process of keyword research, analysis and planning and empowers the users to develop effectively sound ecommerce SEO strategies after scrupulous competitive analysis. Users are required to submit the domains of their websites to SEMRush.com in order to view a variety of metrics regarding the keyword and to view the keyword's presence in SERPs.

The metrics include the average search volume per month, overall keyword search trends and the competition rating of the keyword, among other metrics. With the data, ecommerce actions can be planned more accurately. The tool helps paid search advertisers to know the SERP ranking of competitor ads and the keywords that competitors prefer in AdWords. There are paid and free versions of the SEMRush and individuals can choose their preferred option. The tool is valuable for quick ecommerce SEO analysis and should be bookmarked for quick and easy reference.


Product-Focused Search Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Search marketing is the process employed by many companies in order to acquire lots of potential customers or website traffic with the help of various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This involves two primary methods, such as SEO (or "Search Engine Optimization") and other forms of SEM (or "Search Engine Marketing") like PPC advertising and using Google shopping.

Samsung TV Search

SEO aims at bringing the best customers by making your brand more visible to them through potential search results. On the other hand, SEM focuses on acquiring customers through paid advertisements on few search engine pages.

Below are five search marketing tips to help you promote the products on your ecommerce sites.

Tip 1: Organic SEO

Organic SEO is an important tip for all the companies that wish to market their products. These help you rank your website at the top position in the market and ensure that the much needed brand awareness is created among the customers. You can seek specialty SEO services from the online marketing companies, such as link building, SEO audits, and consulting services.

This will offer your team a detailed analysis report of how well your brand is performing. You will also get to know the changes in the brand awareness and sales figures after using the SEO techniques.

Tip 2: PPC Advertising

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is a popular idea that helps you gain targeted customers for your products but this would require a good amount of planning and marketing. This will help your business get better ROI, lesser advertisement costs and get new PPC ideas each month to attract new and existing customers.

So if you're products center on Samsung TV's, you can bid on broad keywords (like "Samsung HD TVs") or more specific models (like "Samsung un65f8000".) This provide instant search engine exposure for the product-focused keywords that your online store as to offer.

Tip 3: Search Marketing via Amazon

Marketing your products through the Amazon is also a good idea as it has its own marketing unit called A9.com that helps build shop search technology for the companies and their websites. Being a pioneer in online shopping, Amazon shares a good rapport with a number of retailers and enables the user to identify your products with targeted keywords.

Tip 4: Leveraging Google Shopping

When you have a business that vigorously deals in selling products or services online, the great way to promote the same is Google shopping results. When you get listed on the search results of Google shopping, it means lots of business opportunities, increase in the number of customers and high traffic to your website.

This will, in turn, help you earn the much needed reputation in comparison to your competitors. Just sign up in the Google merchant center and upload all the details of the products that you intend to sell.

Tip 5: Developing a Keyword Targeting Strategy

Keyword targeting strategy is also popular among the top brands as it helps the customers across the globe to find a product by typing the keywords in the search engines.

For example, an online retailer of Samsung Hi Def TV's, www.TheHighDefinitionStore.com, may want to pursue a combination of SEO and PPC to earn search traffic on a number of Samsung TV models it carries (because searchers will often times use keywords that reflect specific model numbers, like Samsung un65f8000 or Samsung un75f8000.

TheHighDefinitionStore.com could optimize it's website for keywords around Samsung un65f8000 and Samsung un75f8000 by ensuring that these phrases were in the product pages' title, Meta data, URL, and page copy. As a result, these product pages would be more keyword relevant and hold greater SEO-potential.

Parallel to SEO, TheHighDefinitionStore.com can also choose to bid on keywords around "Samsung un65f8000" or "Samsung un75f8000" for PPC advertising. Not only could this magnify the search engine exposure for these terms, but TheHighDefinitionStore.com could use the data and insights from PPC analytics to better it's user experience and on-page engagement.

To learn more product-focused search marketing tips for ecommerce sites, visit Click Centric SEO's articles for frequently published insights on how to perform SEO, PPC, and other Internet marketing initiatives.


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