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Insights on Using Facebook PPC for Internet Marketing

As hundreds of millions of people open Facebook accounts, it is not surprising that marketing professionals are looking for ways to tap into the opportunities presented. One way of promoting your business, your brand, or your products/services if through Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

Before you take on Facebook as an advertising medium, it is important that you know thing or two about the nature of Facebook as an advertising platform, as well as the interface itself. In this Web Ecommerce Solutions post, we dive into some details about Facebook advertising for Internet marketers.

Highly Targeted Internet Marketing

Facebook PPC AdvertisingTapping into Facebook PPC is advantageous in that you will be able target very specific market segments. This is because you can tailor your Pay Per Click text ads to reach only select demographics, as well as individuals who are interested in certain things or activities.

Advertising on Facebook is also beneficial in that Facebook is not necessarily a search engine. Most Facebook users access their accounts at least once each day. This high traffic means you can have an ongoing Internet marketing campaign, just like is the case with traditional PPC like Google AdWords.

A characteristic common in all Facebook PPC text ads is that they wear out very quickly since they appear repeatedly to targeted users. The nice thing about its PPC advertising platform is that you can use monitoring tools to see just how fast the CTR (click-through-rate) declines.

For this reason, you should only use Facebook as a 'poaching medium' for such things as event marketing. It will not always be effective as an automated marketing funnel, unless you dedicate a lot of time and effort to it. Do not let go of your Google AdWords yet since this is entirely different channel and completely different mind-set for users.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Keep in mind that users on Facebook are on the social media site to be social and enjoy themselves. Many users overlook ads, especially those ads that are trying to sell them something.

Develop a Facebook marketing strategy that works. Have a goal in mind, such as acquire more likes and social media loyalty base, funnel users to a squeeze page, or have them opt into a contest or poll. Facebook users feed of interaction, so develop your Internet marketing accordingly.

Another solid targeting strategy while using Facebook for advertising is target your competitor's followers. This is a highly effective Internet marketing approach. Develop a strategy, such as capture more brand exposure and market share, and develop some ads that only display to your competitor's followers.

To have an effective Facebook PPC campaign, come up with keywords/adgroups and replace them with Facebook interest groups. It is these interest groups that should be used as units of analysis. Do a survey on Google with interest and demographic variables in the survey form.

For example, if you have a state-focused Pay Per Click campaign for a Illinois PPC, you can take your targeting further by pinpointing certain demographic variables that best reflect your market segment.

Constant Changes

According to a report by the Efficient Frontier, a digital marketing platform provider, Facebook PPC ad costs are on the rise. This means companies and businesses that wait to engage with customers here will find doing so more expensive if they wait too much.

Facebook is relatively new to the advertising model compared to other forms of web optimization. The immaturity of the medium leads to the high volatility in data. It is therefore important that you study the medium for a while before making long term decisions.

The fact that Ad impressions on Google are on the rise while the same are on the decline on Yahoo! and Bing makes Facebook the second best choice after Google when it comes to PPC. It is, however, interesting to note that revenues on Yahoo! and Bing PPC have been on the increase while those on Google AdWords have been on a decline.


Peoria Web Design Company Defines SEO-Friendly Websites

More and more web design firms are promoting search engine optimization (SEO) in their arsenal of website marketing services. This trend may be better from a client perspective in that companies do not need to hire both a web design company and a SEO firm. On the other hand, sometimes working with specialized providers who are well adept in their specific niche has its advantages.

The problem with most web design companies that offer SEO is that they do not understand the complete picture of search engine optimization. Sure, anyone can write meta tags, keyword optimized content, and build links to a website. However, the SEO profession has evolved, and techniques that worked yesterday may not hold up tomorrow.

Enter: OIC Group, Inc.

Peoria Web Design Company Logo

Peoria web design company, OIC Group, Inc. (Online Innovative Creations), is shaping the definition of SEO-friendly website design and web development. With over 10 years of experience developing websites, the company has adapted to the changing digital landscape.

Since the break of the millennium and dawning of the SEO age of advertising, OIC Group, Inc. started shifting focus in its unique selling proposition. The company saw an opportunity that stretched far behind building attractive websites. OIC Group, Inc. was on the forefront of product that would cater to both website management and search engine optimization.

Years later, the Exponent CMS (content management system) was born. The experts of OIC Group had developed an intuitive CMS that would enable the most elementary end-users to manage and edit the content of their websites. Taking Exponent one step further, the Peoria web design company created the CMS to be as highly SEO-friendly as possible.

Exponent for Ecommerce SEO & Web Design

Ecommerce websites are faced with greater challenges in today's competitive digital age. Not only must an ecommerce web design be clean, clear, and attractive to users, but SEO for ecommerce sites is entirely different ballpark in search engine marketing. This is where the front-end functionality of Exponent comes into play for online stores.

One of the primary CMS issues with ecommerce SEO is URL. Most content management systems generate static URLs for products (which typically look like www.ecommercesite.com/prodid=?12345). Exponent enables users to write product/keyword optimized URLs for any page that are 'dynamic' and friendly for SEO (such as www.ecommercesite.com/keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.html). This is a major advantage for ecommerce sites that are taking on search engine optimization.

The SEO-friendliness of Exponent CMS

Exponent is a content management system that offers more than just the ability to write custom page titles and meta tags. The highly SEO-friendly CMS has been intricately developed with search engine spiders in mind. The back-end coding structure of Exponent websites offers seamless crawling and indexing. In a nutshell, it's a CMS that search engine spiders can efficiently crawl, and therefore rank a site to its fullest potential.

In addition to offering a well structured back-end for SEO, the web design capabilities of Exponent are virtually limitless. Exponent caters to many design concepts and can meet the needs of all types website owners. From simple blogs to complex ecommerce websites, this SEO-friendly CMS is product that supports a number of website goals and objectives. Furthermore, Exponent is a free, open-source content management system, and is supported by a forum of both users and experienced web developers.

Trusted SEO & Web Design in Peoria, IL

OIC Group, Inc. continues to stay on the leading edge of the SEO profession with its website design capabilities. In light of changes by Google and the constantly evolving search engine results page, the Peoria web design and SEO company has shifted focus toward local SEO and Google Places optimization. Experts of the company are acknowledging the drastic changes set in by Google to improve its search results. Many of these changes center on local search orientation and providing better, more relevant search results with quality website content.

In addition to providing SEO-friendly web design, OIC Group delivers a wealth of expertise for local organic SEO and Google Places optimization. The company employs experienced SEO copywriters, bloggers, link building specialists, and other talents. The company emphasizes ethical, best practices techniques and services both local businesses as well as companies on national scale.

To learn more about OIC Group, Inc. visit the company's website at www.oicgroup.net/.


Digital IP Surveillance Systems for Ecommerce Security

An IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance system is basically a digital video camera that is used for surveillance purposes. Unlike traditional analogue CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras, IP surveillance systems can send and receive data through the Internet and other computer networks, but mostly through standard Ethernet networks.

Digital IP surveillance systems are advantageous in that businesses and corporations can monitor, store and archive audio and video. This is extremely advantageous for large companies who operate on the web, primarily ecommerce stores with many employees.

A digital IP surveillance system is low cost since the IP protocols and the networking equipment adhere to open standards that are readily available. Online-based businesses and corporations also stand to benefit since they can be used with event-driven alarm and alert software. The surveillance system allows you to do monitoring around the clock and it offers ease of scalability and expansion.

How it Works

The data transmitted is compressed, meaning the mass amount of data will not strain the resources of the business or corporation. The fact that the signal is carried over an IP network means you can even do surveillance on the move. All you need is a standard browser and the proper access credentials.

For ecommerce sites, this can help with many internal security issues that may occur in the workplace. Employers can pinpoint weaknesses or questionable areas in which the company can better its processes as well as its staff.

Hurdles Toward Better Security


Surveillance Systems for Ecommerce Security Digital IP surveillance systems, however, pose some challenges. It is important that you understand these possible drawbacks and possible remedies. One problem with the system is that the initial cost per camera is higher than with CCTV. There is however, a solution in that more and more companies are making the cameras and the intense competition is steadily driving down the prices.

As of June 2011, the price per camera was at around $50, meaning the cameras are competing favorably with analogue cameras. You could always go online to get a good price.

Another possible problem is that there is a technical barrier. You could overcome this drawback by training your security staff in the managing and the installation of the cameras. Ensure you go through the user manual carefully.

Another problem is that as is the case with CCTV/DVR systems, the transmission of the video over the public Internet and not a private IP LAN means it is possible for people to hack into the feed and hoaxing is possible. This can be remedied by restricting use to private IP LAN and ensuring comprehensive security system measures are taken when transmitting the video over the Internet.

One such measure is ensuring that the video is transmitted through such encryption and authentication methods as WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES, and TKIP since these are difficult to hack into.


Creating Quality, Link-Worthy Content for ecommerce SEO

Website optimization is not only important for ecommerce stores, it is necessary for its survival. Earning quality backlinks (or inbound links) is imperative for SEO and website optimization success.

One of the most effective ways for ecommerce website optimization is creating valuable content and thus attracting Internet users, bloggers, and webmasters link to that content. It is, however, difficult to earn links to an ecommerce store due to the nature of the website being a retailer.

At Web Ecommerce Solutions blog, we have compiled some of the best tips to generate great content on ecommerce store that will motivate outsiders to link to an online retailer.

Quality and Link Worthy Content for Ecommerce SEO Optimization

Create a Coupon Code Page

People share great deals with their friends and readers, mostly via social media sites and blogs. A good tip is to have a page that is dedicated to ecommerce coupons and other deals. Not only can this strategy help in earning quality backlinks, but when search engine users submit a query for a product you offer, plus the word "coupons," this page has the potential to rank highly in the results. That is of course if the page is optimized correctly for your local Internet marketing strategy.

To take this idea one step further, you can develop coupon pages for each brand or product line you offer. A good first step would be to do some keyword research to determine the searching behaviors of your target markets. This will make the website optimization process much more cohesive and potentially profitable.

Develop Stand-Alone Product Review Pages

Having reviews on your ecommerce website is important because it brings you out as being credible and reliable. You could have the reviews underneath a tab or below the fold of the Web page, but creating a review listing page is the best option if you want to attract quality links to your site.

Such pages are very linkable since they are stand-alone (or dedicated to only reviews,) and the fact that they feature independent reviews by neutral customers makes them even more attractive. Reviews are huge source of information for shoppers, and many will depend on the reviews of others before making a purchase.

Host Contests & Giveaways

Yet another way to build link-worthy content is by hosting attractive contests and giveaways. In this strategy for website optimization, you should not have a temporary, dedicated page for this. Rather embed the entry forms of the contest into key pages, such as your homepage, category pages, or even individual products pages. This ensures that the links built will benefit the pages that your really want ranked in the search engines.

Other Ideas to Consider

Consider creating a gift registry page or a wish-lists page. The page should be prominently displayed so that customers can share the link. Encourage customers to share the pages on their blogs and on social networking sites.

Come up with a product comparison page. These pages feature unbiased content and are therefore valued from an outsider’s perspective.

You could create link-worthy content by having seasonal gift guides during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Use the same URL for these gift guides, but simple change the content on the page. This will ensure that this particular page sustains its authority for website optimization.

We hope you can put some of these strategies to use in creating quality, link-worthy content on your ecommerce site. The benefits can greatly enhance your overall SEO and website optimization strategy for the long-run.


Ecommerce Website Highlight: Military Uniform Supply, Inc.

Here at Web Ecommerce Solutions, we often come across ecommerce stores that display sheer awesomeness in the world wide web of online shopping platforms. One of those is Military Uniform Supply, Inc. The beauty behind MilitaryUniformSupply.com isn't so much in the front end appearance, but more so in the back-end structure which enables the site perform very well for SEO - a major factor for many ecommerce stores.

We found the website of Military Uniform Supply ranking highly on many competitive keyword phrases. One of site's primary keyword targets being "military uniforms," which the site sits in the middle of page one for that exact phrase match. But what's more impressive than the two word phrases, are the sales-driven long-tails that site ranks well for.

One of the most popular product categories for Military Uniform Supply is the MultiCam camouflage category. There are tons of products with MutliCam, including military uniforms, combat gear, footwear, military patches and other military uniform accessories.

Military Uniforms Company shows Double Stack

One standout listing in Google is under the phrase "MultiCam unit patches." MilitaryUniformSupply.com shows a powerful double-stack listing of the main product category page and a sub-category page for flag patches underneath.

Respecting SEO & Web Design

There is no doubt that some SEO has been done on the website. In the footer are links pointing to Peoria web design company OIC Group, Inc., which in addition to website design services, this company also provides search engine optimization. After looking in the web design company's portfolio, OIC has many clients with both attract website and top rankings.

But what's more than then just the SEO and web design work done on this site, is the ecommerce software platform the website uses.

A Super SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Solution

Military Uniform Supply, Inc. is built under the highly SEO friendly shopping cart platform known as Exponent. Exponent is a user-centric content management system (CMS) that is ideal for almost any ecommerce site. The Exponent CMS offers easy inventory management, search engine friendly back-end usability, and seamless coding structure that facilitates smooth search engine crawling and indexing.

After diving deeper into the features and benefits of the Exponent CMS, it is obvious that this open source software platform has been developed with SEO in mind. Users can write custom URLs, Page Titles, Meta Data, and other elements that impact SEO performance. In addition, the coding structure of Exponent is far from robust. This allows search engine spiders to easily crawl and index pages on the site.

The proven capabilities of Exponent, under the wing of MilitaryUniformSupply.com has us impressed. The team at OIC Group knows what they are doing for ecommerce sites and they show a great respect for both website design and search engine optimization.

Have you had experience with Exponent CMS? Please, share your comments below.


Shopping Cart Optimization for Ecommerce Websites

online shopping cart and ecommerce website optimizationIf you have an ecommerce website, it is important that you refine your shopping cart to minimize shopping cart abandonment. Fine-tuning an online shopping cart for ecommerce takes time and a sound understanding of who your target market is.

Many consumer markets and buying process are different. Expensive products often require a more extensive checkout process to ensure customer confidence and security. However, lower priced goods can benefit from more express online shopping carts that offer faster checkouts in minimal steps.

Although shopping carts for ecommerce websites vary based on the latter consideration, there are a number of elements you may want to consider to optimize the online shopping cart of your ecommerce website. Below we offer a number of tips for online shopping cart and ecommerce website optimization.

Visual Ecommerce Enhancements

Improve your shopping cart by adding product thumbnail images next to the product name. The visual reminder ensures that customers do not forget what they have added to their shopping carts, which often leads to the removal of the items they cannot remember.

In addition to adding visual elements of the products already in a customer's shopping cart, the visual appeal of other related products that might complement their purchase is great way to get them buy more. Many effective ecommerce stores apply this strategy by noting that "you may also like these products" or "customer who bought that product, also purchased this." Be creative and use alluring incentives, even if they are small, low-priced accessories.

Also visually important is keeping the shopping cart and price total viewable on every page that the user is on. In this module or section of the web design, include the checkout button on each page of your website. Furthermore, attract return customers by having express checkout where they only need to login to shop and finalize an order.

Honest Shipping & Incentives

Offer free shipping at certain price points to attract customers. You should use this as bait by displaying prominent messages informing customers that there is free shipping if they spend a certain amount of money at your store.

If you have specific shipping charges in place, show them as early as possible during the checkout process. This brings you out as being credible, reliable, and honest. If your shipping charges are based on distance, ensure that visitors are able to calculate the charges without requiring them to enter a lot of information. Taking this concept one step further, you should also offer shipping time estimates. You can get these estimates from the parcel delivery company you are using.

It is important that you indicate the shipping method you are using. This is particularly helpful if you are using reputable parcel delivery services like US Mail, FedEx, and UPS. Improve your shopping cart by up-selling items. This means telling your customers that you have other products that might come in handy. You should, however, 'soft sell' so that you do not drive customers away or you do not confuse their checkout process.

Comparison Features

An important feature in any shopping cart is feature comparison. You could have a 'compare' link if you cannot provide all the relevant information in the page.

Really solid ecommerce stores will goes as far as including customer reviews as a comparison feature. This often the most trusted source of information for shoppers, so including legitimate reviews can help facilitate sales and instill greater confidence in your ecommerce store.

Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

If customers abandon shopping carts, email them and include discounts, coupons or other incentives to attract them back to your store. You should always show the stock you have (to spawn more immediate purchases if inventory gets low) and you should suggest items similar to what customers are adding to shopping carts. Include a 'save for later' button since not all customers buy the same day they add items to a shopping cart.

Consider having a live chat link and a prominent phone support number. Other important tips to improve your shopping cart are that you should show the different payment options early, you should submit form changes automatically, you should have a security and privacy reminder, and you should include a link to your exchange and return policy.

Do you have any ideas to enhance the shopping cart functionality of an ecommerce site? Give us your 2 cents in the comments section below.


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