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Fast Funding for Online Business via Kabbage

Opening up an online store offers a number of unique challenges that web entrepreneurs face. One of the most common hurdles that Internet businesses encounter is receiving financial help from lenders and banking institutions. Small online stores, as well as many large, struggle to acquire financing from lenders. Now there is a viable solution for online companies to obtain the funds they need to grow and succeed.

Kabbage LogoProviding funding exclusively for online retailers, Kabbage is company that offers financial solutions that would otherwise be unattainable through traditional means. Kabbage's core concept is to provide capital for small and medium online businesses. Starting in the latter part of 2008, Kabbage rapidly grew to the point when in April 2010, the company started giving out advances to online sellers. Since that time, they have expanded their services, providing capitalization to many online businesses throughout the United States.

Kabbage determines risk by analyzing each applicant's listed products and/or services, and by leveraging the applicant’s unique information against data commonly available about related online sellers. Specifically, they assess the applicant’s online activity over a period of time. This assessment includes previous sales and credit history, as well how the applicant’s prices compared with those of his or her competitors. Basing on this, the company informs the client of how much credit he or she is eligible for.

What is amazing about Kabbage's system is that they can make the funds available in as short as ten minutes, provided all requirements are met. This provides clients with faster and better opportunities to market and grow their business. This is particularly helpful for new start-up endeavors as well as online sellers who are looking to expand.

Application for online business loans at Kabbage is fast and easy. Start by entering your marketplace seller ID and proceed per their instructions. The most important information Kabbage will need to approve your application is your marketplace seller ID and your PayPal account. This allows them to initiate authentication procedures which include information about you personally, your business, and credit information. All of this can take as little as ten minutes.

Kabbage offers a tremendous advantage for online sellers, particularly to those looking for immediate financial support. Getting the assistance you need is within reach in a convenient and easy way. The help of Kabbage can provide more opportunities to buy inventory, update your accounting system, hire new employees, and most importantly, allow your online business to flourish to its maximum potential. Visit the Kabbage website at https://www.kabbage.com for more information.


Deep Linking Pays Dividends

Deep linking is an effective SEO strategy that contributes to highly specific search engine rankings. For very large websites, such as those for ecommerce stores, hospitals and universities, the SEO value in deep linking is even more significant. Not only can deep linking efforts improve organic SEO performance, but users will appreciate more specified link paths while navigating a complex website.

Optimizing for long-tail keywords is a common SEO practice for larger websites. With respect to ecommerce, Internet users are becoming more specific and detailed with their search queries. Instead of "winter coats," savvy searchers are looking for "blue north face snowboarding coats for men." Many shoppers will go as far as searching for specific product models and SKU numbers. These behaviors are making the benefits of deep linking so powerful.

What is deep linking?

In essence, the practice of deep linking is directing a hyperlink to a specific sub-page, image, anchor tag, or any other destination other than a website's primary homepage. As a result, users are navigated to highly relevant web content. In addition, deep linking contributes to deeper content on a website being crawled and recognized - which helps facilitate desirable search engine placement.

Deep linking efforts are appreciated by both search engine users and spiders. Users are able find content that meets their needs in a more efficient manner, and search engine spiders have more link paths to crawl to interpret the overall website. Here we discuss two approaches to deep linking: external deep linking and internal deep linking (or deep cross-linking)

External deep linking

Although external deep linking for SEO is far from complicated, the practice does demand some logic and creativity. The first step is knowing the precise keyword target that reflects the link destination or webpage on the site. In short, deep linking requires an understanding of what anchor text (or link name) will best suit the content being linked to.

For example, mayoclinic.org is a complex website with tons of webpages filled with medical and health-related information. If the SEO team behind mayoclinic.org had goals to increase their organic SEO rankings on searches pertaining to "cardiovascular disease services" via link building, a deep linking technique could have a tremendous impact.

The SEO team could build a link with the anchor text "cardiovascular disease services" to the website's main Cardiovascular Disease page: http://www.mayoclinic.org/cardiovascular-disease/. Although this is would certain help the SEO efforts of mayoclinic.org, the SEO could take deep linking a bit further.

On that page is a tab that reads "Services," extending the URL to http://www.mayoclinic.org/cardiovascular-disease/diseases.html. Deep linking the latter anchor text to this specific sub-set of content would be even better. This will take the user to the exact page he or she is looking for - a list of cardiovascular diseases in which mayoclinic.org offers its services and expertise.

Internal deep linking

Deep linking for ecommerce is an extremely powerful tool for SEO. This practice involves linking to specific product pages with search-relevant anchor text. It is a very simple concept that can contribute to more search visibility and skyrocketing sales.

From within an ecommerce website, internal deep linking, otherwise known as deep cross-linking, can influence double stacks. These are a SEO dream, for double stacks display two website listings of the same domain in the organic search results. Double stack search engine results usually occur when to closely related webpages are internally linked. In ecommerce, this typically occurs when product categories are strategically linked with sub-product categories or individual product pages.

For example, MilitaryUniformSupply.com is popular ecommerce store for "kids military uniforms." The SEO team was able to achieve a double stack on that exact phrase with precise linking from a primary product category page to sub-category page.

Take a look at the link and anchor text used on the primary product category page heading to the sub-page titled "Kids Military Uniforms."

This link contributes to the following #3 & #4 rankings as seen in the screen shot.

The takeaway

Internal deep cross-linking and external deep linking can do wonders for both organic SEO and user experience. Creative SEO experts are now deep linking beyond product pages and primary category pages. Now images and videos are being linked to, and many are seeing top exposure in the search results. To better your deep linking efforts, practice some of the internal and external deep linking techniques we described here.


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